Meeting Minutes 7/23/15

Andira, Azaria (co-moderator), Barbara, Ben, Chelsea, Courtney, Danielle, Frank, , Jen, Josslyn, Lacey (note-taker), Mike, Sammi (moderator) & Shea 

-BOD responsibilities (7 – 8:15 PM)
Legally liable – financial liability is not individual, but they would be liable for appearing in court and for answering for what happens in the organization
-Board size? Ideally? 5 is suggested, or odd numbers that enlarge as we expand. 3 is the minimum.

VOTE – People like the idea of five BOD members, it is voted and it passes – cap of 5 board members, this is the number we’d ideally like to have.

-Several people mention Lacey and Andira are taking on contacts and slack that comes up, including questions and drama. Folks hope that having more board members would help take some of the burden off them. It’s brought up that perhaps BOD can be contacts for these issues, and it is also suggested that we make more people’s numbers available for contact to the general public.
-It is suggested that main responsibilities are being there and helping direct the course of the organization
-Key Holders should share a level of responsibility, but they are not legally liable
-When folks became BOD members, there weren’t roles defined, we were in transition and it’s good to be defining them now
-It’s mentioned that hosting/attending events may not be seen as organizational steering roles the same way the meetings and decision making fall into the organizational roles
-Should we keep track of how often BOD attend events? Encourage them to attend but no requirements for this – maybe BOD members get reviewed annually, every six months?
-Perhaps we’re getting too detailed on micro-managing people’s attendance at events and such
-Focus on the core, meetings, rather than events at this time. People’s schedules differ, etc.
-Proposal that we discuss key holder expectations after we finalize BOD
-Term limits discussions – can we call it review period?
-We are a non-hierarchical organization and so, if you come and are contribute, you can be responsible, volunteer and participate
-Review period – 6 mo? Anonymously, but that may be a lot of paperwork to do every 6 mo. Perhaps annually would be better? This could be altered if circumstances change. Having 30 days notice before leaving the board would be nice. Circumstances could call for different timing for review periods.

-Term limit: Your time on the board is up – could we call it “term renewal”
-Review Period: We can review performance, ask if people want to continue, give notice if not.

What paperwork would we need to be in the review period? Rate this person, write comments, opportunities for improvements. Perhaps quarterly? 90 days after becoming a BOD have your first review, learning period, then yearly from the month after becoming a BOD. We could do 90 day reviews for current BODs too.

VOTE – 90 day initial review period for BOD members – vote passes
VOTE – Secondary reviews become annual – vote passes

Boring meeting attendees would do reviews, anonymously
Moderator could read everyone’s review and then we could discuss 

We could work on the specific forms at a later date, discussion preferred, not just handing the forms to the BOD member to review on their own.

BOD member being reviewed could be given the opportunity to read forms first before discussion 

VOTE – Reviews being anonymous – vote passes

Suggestion of online forms and comments will be complied – Survey Monkey could be used.

We need to figure out how to recall BOD, call for a review 

Duties: Handles legal matters, handle legal consideration and liabilities, not formally defined in the past and sign paperwork. 

BOD could have a more formal say on legal matters, we’re all volunteers and you can opt out of being. Anyone can bring a previous vote/decision back up and we can review. We could aim for more of a consensus of BOD members on legal matters. We could put a pause on decisions to deal with legal liabilities until we can get a consensus from BOD.

VOTE– BOD have the power to call for a pause on any decisions they could have legal liability in – passes

-BOD could be a resource/liaison where the general public to contact with sensitive issues, especially in situations were a person may not be comfortable coming to the key holder of a particular event. They could provide guidance. This could allow for BOD to catch and handle matters before they have a chance to escalate / become legal issues.

-BOD need to be up to speed on goings-on and organization decisions

-BOD might not be the only representative for the general public, so that other members, committees or whomever is appropriate. They may not be the face of the group. 

-BOD could help bring concerns to whomever is appropriate or to the group

-Could the BOD members offer a piece of contact info that could be available to the general the public?

-BOD responsible for being sure that legal docs are turned in on time and we are on top of things.

-Could we come up with a couple of lines of responsibilities of the BOD? That will take longer than we have left in the discussion today.

We will table further discussion for a future meeting

-2 meetings/month min.
-5 BOD members max, 3 min
-Initial review after 90 days, annually thereafter – staggered
-Anonymous reviews
-BOD can call for a pause on legal decisions


•Check prices – shipping prices may change, can’t calculate – 120 checks for $6.50
•Does our credit union offer free checks? We might not want to get many because our address may change soon. 25 checks $8 total from vista print. We could order more with very little info and write in your current address, or we could cross out old address.
VOTE – our current address will appear on the checks
VOTE – 25 checks for $2.99 + 4.99 shipping – Vista Print

Toby volunteers to order these checks for us.

Art Calendars

-Lacey volunteers to contact Deb Hull and reminder her about artwork, Jen volunteers to pick up Diane’s artwork from UPS shipping
-Shea cannot volunteer for the art show committee
-We could hand people sheets where they can write their top favorites
-We could have a sheet – 1-12 on sheet, letter assigned to each piece, let them know when they come in that they’re going to be the calendar
-Rankings would be important, space between top three and the rest – so we can have rankings, possibly to choose cover piece.
-Lacey volunteers to make these sheets, proposes continuing this on the org group
-Everything based on points system?

-Calendars are passed, we will finalize August next week – 

-Bounce House
-Portables restrooms prices
-Activites update
-Volunteer task sheet
-Call for volunteers
-Finalze August calendar
-Extend vendor deadline

• 8:20 PM – 9 PM we will hang art

Two weeks
-BOD roles again
-Procedure to induct volunteers
-Hand raising procedure

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin