Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 7/21/16

– Trans / Nonbinary Youth Group (10m) Jazz
– FFP Bags / Sponsorships (20m) Bobbi, Mike & Lacey
– Update indoor stage listing (10m) Heather
– Red Cross Booth (2m) Lacey
– Spencer Munson update (5m) Bob
– FFP Launch Party details (5m) Spencer or Lacey
BREAK (5m)
– Serious call for volunteers FFP (5m) Lacey
– Other sponsorship sign (10m) Lacey
– Vendor Apps (15m) Lacey
-August Calendar Draft
– Set agenda-next CR meeting (5m) All
Moderator: Lacey
Co-Moderator: Bob
Recorder: Larry
Attending also: Andira, Jazz, Chelsea, Mike, Bobbi, Josslyn

Jazz reported no one showed up for last week’s Non-Binary Group 

Lacey suggested making a promotable event for the next one. Jazz wants it to be ‘open’ for the time being. 

Bobbi spoke, sounds like we could get a regular re-usable grocery bag with small logo, (5X5) for about $1/bag which we could probably sell for $2. Lacey said neither sponsor has responded about going in on the bags. Mike is planning to sponsor this himself with 150 bags in 6 colors. $2 each, all 6 for $10. 25 of each color. Roygbv. Really generous of both Bobbie and Mike!

Voted on accepting bags. Passed. Voted on allowing Divine Designs to add a small logo since they’re giving us the sweet deal on the bags. Passed. 

Red Cross booth, Lacey says they may get a volunteer or two at FFP. They are doing another event that day, but will try. Thanks Lacey for persevering!

Spencer Munson gave contact for Vessel Live about outdoor sound equipment/support. Spencer Krull gave Lacey & Bob details on sound equip we need for FFP.

FFP Launch Party at the Commons Sunday Aug. 14th, 5-10 PM. Ethelyn? Laser Lotus, Lotus Leaves, Leaves Brown. No cover, but suggested $5 donation at the door. To Common Root, specifically for FFP.
Thanks so much Spencer!

Volunteers (we need 3):
Spencer 5-10 PM
Andira 5-10 PM (looking for someone to cover 8-10 PM if possible)
Lacey 5-8 PM
Chelsea Sharp 8-10 PM

Other sponsorship on recycled bins. Outlinc has bought one of the three sides, the vendor will use one, if we put our info on one sign, it’s a wash. No cost to us. Not enough interest is having CR’s sign posted on the bins. 

Andira suggested Community Crops? Possible conflict with the Old Cheney Farmer’s Market. Voted to ask CC about sponsoring the recycle bins. Passed.

Vendor applications:
Pauline Balta, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors. Passed.
Sweet Minou, Food vendor. CHOCOLATE! For social change. Passed.
Gelato to Go. Food Vendor. Passed.
Newt’s Cute Loot & Fat Owl Fashion. Passed.

August Calendar Draft was passed around for additions, changes, deletions.

Lacey went over the timeline for July & August. Serious call for volunteers for the day of FFP. 

May not need ‘security’ if LPD will be avail. Figured out bags. Requesting Raffle Items. 2 planning meetings in August. Touring Auld Pavilion, vendor application deadline coming up August 31

Much information on the google docs about vendors so far, money raised already, etc. 

Lacey will ask Fette about borrowing rainbow flags from star city pride again

Agenda for next meeting.
5 min. New space update Anditra
4min, 59 sec. Jazz Trans group
10 min, Heather, indoor stage listing
5 min. Finalize Aug. Cal. Lacey

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin