Meeting Minutes 7/19/18

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member
1 – Keyholder
1 – member of CR Organizational FB group
1 – Other

In attendance: Larry, Andira, Lacey (note taker), Sari, Bob (moderator), Amy

Nonprofit Booth event (15m) – Would there be any volunteers interested in assisting with a January or February booth event at the Foundry? In need of logistics assistance and/or staff for CR booth. Looking to rent the big conference room (24 tables, 48 chairs). Gear it toward smaller nonprofits, make it free for groups to participate.

Possible volunteers: Bob, Larry, Andira and Lacey

2.5 hours – Workshops, talks, passing the mic around. We don’t have a microphone, but Foundry might have this equipment.

Volunteers could hang around at the front door, and can help unload cars, help bring things upstairs and back down. If we have enough volunteers we could have our own booth at this event. Possible raffle sponsored by CR, and we could invite them to bring raffle items to the event.

We need to consider what the theme is and what is the umbrella covering of community organizations who have a presence. People who assist with basic human needs, plus legal assistance, local community support organizations, supportive spiritual resources?

People could use the Green Room for community resource workshops, private legal assistance, other accepting business (message), health and wellbeing. Should we consider the fact that this is a for profit business? Is that a value of this event or not a line we’re gonna draw.

Look Sharp brainstorm (15m) – Look Sharp conference, speakers organizations in the vain of community support, solidarity and safety and to invite groups in that way. Similar to last discussion just themed to Community Safety and Support.

Looking to recruit people into volunteering and organizing and this might be a good way to build enthusiasm for the program.

Could have registration and social time, look at tables and talk to people, speakers and workshops, and then afterword more social time. Interested in using the conference room. Some chairs and not much in the way of tables. Limited vendors, we could also utilize the green room again. Booths could border the outside, we could also use Narnia.

“The mask you live in” showing. On this topic, Larry is interested in starting a men’s group. Andira has friend resources to share on this.

Community Crops use of button press (3m) – They would like the borrow the button press, we vote in favor of donating parts (up to 100) and the use of the button maker under Andira’s supervision. It will be returned to Common Root tomorrow.

IRS address update (1m) – Lacey will take care of this, it’s a simple as sending a letter to the IRS with specific info and a signature of a board member.

Goldenrod update (5m) – We have donated yard signs for Free Saturday generously donated by Goldenrod Printing. We will debut them on Saturday!

Aug calendar (5m) – passed around for finalizing

Goldenrod update #2 (5m) – Quickscreens are available at Goldenrod – they can put the vinyl part only for $75 and they will put it into our display unit for us. They are best for indoors. You can zip tie it to the canopy stand for outdoors, if necessary.

We vote in favor of keeping the donated quickscreen / advertising sale for future discussion of what it should display. We can order from Goldenrod when we’re ready.

Donated Artwork plans (5m) – Behind The Glass donated two fabulous pieces of artwork, and the artist was happy to let us keep it at our space or sell it. The art does have nudity, so we need to consider then when deciding whether to display it at our space. Sari suggests having the artist come in and talk about their concept for the piece. He’s subverting expectations in gender and sexuality roles with the art.

The artwork is valued at $350 each and $700 total. The framing was an additional $100. First Friday event? $450 each price tag. We could possibly collab. with Outlinc on this.

Mail (1m) We received two pieces of mail – one from Live Yes Studios requesting donations, the other is a full refund from our prior landlord for our deposit in the amount of $450.

Next meeting:
Further discussion on Nonprofit booth event- (15m) Bob
Donated artwork cont’d discussion – (5m) Larry
Sept cal draft (1m) Lacey

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