Meeting Minutes 7/17/14

Andi (moderator), Azaria, Ben (note-taker), Bernie, Josslyn, Lacey, Spencer, and Barbara

Spencer is talking to a couple of groups for the acoustic show at CR; Lacey suggested JC Power; suggestions were made to stage the show next to the library; discussion about date and time for event; suggestions were brought up about possibility of either having a potluck or refreshments during the show; date of show suggested possibly for August 22nd(?); time to be determined.

Andi reported about attending the zine workshop at Indigo Bridge Bookstore; discussion was brought up about possibility of holding another zine workshop here at CR. Coordinators of event may come to a Game Night!

Cassandra wants to hold a dance class here in the near future; she would like between 6-8 people.

Josslyn wants to do a Trans Game Night in August! We are postponing that to October and holding the Acoustic Show on that time-slot instead, in August.

Andi deposited $35 from Adam Hintz; a few people re-upped their memberships ($180); most of our treasury is not in our account. 

ZINE #7:
Lacey proposed printing “mutuality poems” from the Type Riders in this issue; Andi seconded; Azaria thirded; MelancholyPoetBooks wants to sell our zine, and we split the earnings 70-30!! 

Jay from Bike Kitchen’s signs with positive sayings and/or words to post around town; on hold for the moment.

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