Meeting Minutes 7/17/13

In attendance: Toby, William, Ben, Shaina, Ivanhoe, Andrew, Kris


Andrew did not bring the gas bill.
Andrew will be the treasurer while Toby is absent.
The current balance is $907.23.


The landlord fixed the bathroom sink faucet, but caused the bathtub faucet to leak in the process. The landlord has been notified of this in writing.
The landlord has been notified by phone, but not in writing, about the external faucet on the west side of the house not working and the poor water pressure in the kitchen sink.
Kris would like to have a keyed lock for his room. The circuit breaker is in his room, and the circuit has popped whenever Ivanhoe and Howard run their A/C units at the same time.


Andrew nominated Ivanhoe to sit on the board of directors of Common Root in a new, fourth position. The collective approved Ivanhoe and directed Shaina to amend the by-laws to reflect the new position.


Lacey’s calendar was passed around for additions and amendments.
William suggested Science Café move to the Meadowlark due to historically low attendance. A screening of Tootsie was scheduled in its place.


Shaina explained how collective members could log in to the web site to post meeting notes.

The meeting adjourned in peace and harmony.

Common Root Admin