Meeting Minutes 7/14/16

In attendance: Andira, Lacey (note-taker), Mike, Heather, Larry (moderator), Bob (co-moderator) & Jazz + Sammi for single agenda item

August cal draft
-Passed around

New space – more active search!
-Heather reminds us all of the search for a space! If someone sees a space that looks interesting, do the initial contact and find out the rent price and report back to the group.
-Sufficient, free parking
-1000+ square feet
-Ground floor or handicapped accessible
-Kitchen (of some kind)
-One big event room
-$500ish (could be more) 

Hub Cafe followup
Mondays and Tuesdays we can have a events for just the price of the food (no rental fee). Sell plates / tickets ahead of time. Should we try to make money on the food, or just encourage members to sign up to pay dues or donate? Do it for the January member meeting possibly! It’s suggested we have plenty of months ahead of time to plan and promote, doing it in the winter down-time would be great to re-energize.
Perks for members, maybe money off the meals and full price for non members to encourage memberships? How about letting people pick their meal choices ahead of time? Lacey and Heather love this suggestion.

Ignite Lincoln – Fill the seats
Lacey begs ppl to come. Mike will come, needs a ride and reimbursement for ticket. Can do!

Art Show pricing
38 ea. 4X6 unframed prints $3 each
2ea. 5X7 unframed prints $4 each
2 ea. 8X10 unframed prints $6 each
2 ea. 9.5×11.5 framed prints $15
5 ea 13×16 matted & framed $20

BREAK (10m or until Sammi arrives)

Reusable bags (15m)
Bags with different prices – and Sammi is ready to proceed with choosing and the options are listed for us – we’re looking at Envirotote pricing for eco-friendly options & possibly working with Mike’s sister who co-owns a local screen print company:
-Bought Bags w/ logos printed on them
-Bought Bags no logo
-Goodwill bags (make our own) w/ logo: – voted no – consensus
-Goodwill bags (make our own) no logo (price unknown): – voted no – consensus
-Logo on patch option

Larry likes the idea of having a bag creating activity at the event itself, even if we may not have time time and volunteer force to create them before the event. He also mentioned that the bottle bags at envirotote bags, some are made with recycled bottle plastic. According to Mike’s sister, cotton bags, recycled bags, break down more quickly than other poly-plastic bags.
Min. qty 50 bags for $250ish for the cheapest ones – unprinted.

Sammi suggests 250 or 500 qty bags –
Sammi will cover costs of shipping
Utilizing the screen printing at The Commons? This is time-consuming…would need a place for them to dry, also.
Mike’s sister can turn the screen printing around quickly – but it’ll cost another $1-$2 to print front and back. It may take longer for bags to arrive.
If we don’t use the environmental materials bags – that helps with cost.
Brought up once again getting bags from a local source. Open Harvest or Russes might donate possibly.

Lacey is willing to ask for Sponsorships from Vine Church and LBGT Resource Center at UNL, they asked to sponsor FFP, but the signage sponsorship was more than they could afford. This would just be $150.
Then Andi and Outlinc if that works out…won’t bother them if not.

Heather suggests keeping it open on sponsorships In case we need money for other, more necessary things.

FFP Vendor Apps
Lacey will ask Fat Owl Fashion and Newts Cute Lute to resubmit their vendor app – they have asked to share a booth and folks will review their app together at the next meeting – this particular scenario for booth sharing is approved with consensus.

Turned down from a grant for Casey’s General Store.  Bob will reapply, as they recommended.

Set Agenda next meeting
Trans / Nonbinary Youth Group (10m) Jazz
FFP Bags / Sponsorships (30m) Lacey & Bobbi & Sammi
Serious call for volunteers FFP (20m) Lacey
Update indoor stage listing (10m) Heather
Red Cross Booth (5m) Lacey
Spencer Munson update (1m) Bob

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