Meeting Minutes 7/11/19

Meeting minutes: Thursday, July 11, 2019

In attendance: Bob (moderator), Larry, Mikaela (co-moderator), Andie, Blossom, Nathalie, Andira, Lacey (note-taker), Marzipan

August calendar: Calendar draft is passed around. Deadline for calendar entries is July 27th. We could reassess the meeting schedule after the first series of Community Lounge events happen as scheduled. We could consider having calendar edits completed prior to the meeting, swapping the Lounge (4th Thursday) with the business meeting (2nd Thursday). We will table this until that time.

Mikaela would like to consider having the August plant based potluck on August 17th. It's the same day as Free Saturday, but that should be fine, it's in the evening so it doesn't compete.

Treasury: $7,254.46, that includes online G2LD donations

We received $660.37 from G2LD for donor advised fund and matching funds, which isn’t included in the treasury total above.

We never did received the $1000 donation from Nelnet. Blossom’s husband works for Nelnet and could check into this for us.

Heartland Pride Parade Recap:- $75 cost to participate this year. We could have handed out more (we had just under 500) stickers and all our calendars as well. Probably had about 620 calendars. If we go again next year, we could coordinate who walks on which side of the crowd to be sure we hit as many folks in the crowd as possible. It sometimes was tricky to keep pace handing out flyers and stickers with the pace of the parade. We'd LOVE to have a float next year. Balloons may be unnecessary next time.

It’s suggested that we rescue racetrack horses and get some party hats...instant unicorns!

Andie knows someone with horses...those could be borrowable. Is Bob in charge of cleanup? ;)

Consider trash, like the sticker backs, we saw one calendar discarded that was cleaned up. There was a considerable amount of trash leftover after the parade. 

Coloring page on the back of calendars to make them more worth people hanging on to them? Staple stickers to calendars next year?

Parking Passes: Common Root currently offers 1 free parking pass voucher for each event or meeting attendee, there are 11 left in stock. June 18th 2018 is when we purchased 40.

Shall we continue this policy? If so, we need to consider restocking. It's possible some of our key holders could do a better job mentioning this at their events, and in promotion beforehand. Attendees might feel awkward asking, we should offer so they don’t have to.

VOTE: Unanimous in favor – purchase 40 more passes for $50. It keeps the space meaningfully accessible. Bob volunteers to do this.

Book Cart: We have a rolling cart lending library, we could list the items available on the cart on our website, Amazon smile links (there are concerns about supporting this), Good Reads (this is agreeable) links for reviews and seeing who among your friends may have read these titles. We could have a pick reservation for a particular event or meeting, the host of the event could check it. Alternately, we could park it in the space and it could be available M-F 8-5 AND for events. We'd love to see it utilized more. It wasn’t utilized much at our old space, the Black Cat House library is mentioned, there's not an expectation that it'll come back in any given time. People in our group seem to like this system. LUNk House and even Common Root's library used to work in a similar fashion.

We could consider asking people if they would let us know if they'd like to keep the material, suggested donation of $5? Gift list of books to exchange for could be created? Works on the honor system. It's also suggested that we could try an LFL style book cart, but there is concern people will leave boxes of books behind and our carefully curated list of titles will be exchanged for things not as connected to our mission.

Could start with advertising it on the website to show what we have to offer. Check out a book, bring it back within (timeframe, one month), if you can't bring it back or want to keep it, let us know.


Unanimous vote all in favor of books listed on website, links to Good Reads.

Vote passes, one month checkout suggested time frame. One abstaining.

Unanimous Vote passes, little verb-age on the site about asking people to let us know if they need longer than a month or would like to keep the book

Unanimous Vote passes, keep cart in our doorway M-F 8-5 for regular use by the public so they don't feel weird about searching through our space.

Metric for success: one person checks out a book in the next 6 months. We will adjust and reevaluate if this is not achieved.

Karaoke after Red State Con: Mikaela is going to talk to the Ericas and Jackson about hosting an after party. BYOB – be responsible!

Nebraska Book Festival: Sat. Sept 7, indoors, UNL student union. We can sell merch at this booth, he 11 AM – 6 PM. Bob will post in the organizing group.

Web Update: Site is ready!!! Nathalie is a rock star. We have training next Thursday.

Admin. email can be approved by Andira, if not they will grant us google for nonprofits

CR lounge went really well! It was our first one. Good sized group, people wanted to volunteer!


Ensure the Good Life: Medicaid expansion may be discussed further at our salon this month? No need to put this on the next business meeting agenda

Petition with Nebraskas for Sensible Marijuana Legislation: They have a nonprofit, Mikaela will bring the papers, key holders can put them out at their events. No need to put this in the next meeting agenda.

Zines: Zine making event, plus put together a poetry zine. We have free prints here – how convenient! (10 minutes)

Queer as Fall: TransLNK will talk to us for (10 minutes)


Voting Quorum:

1 – Board member

1 – Keyholder

1 – member of CR Organizational FB group

1 – Other attendee

Common Root Admin