Meeting Minutes 7/10/14

**There was no meeting on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014**

In attendance: Azaria(note-taker), Andi, Lacey(Moderator), Josslyn, and Ben (Dave stopped by and dropped off his keys)

New Lease: Discussion about resigning the lease when the six months comes up. Everyone at the meeting is for Common Root signing the lease again. 

Internet Update: Lacey proposes that we don’t need internet access. Everyone agrees, and if we change our mind we can get it at another time. 

Playing Card fundraiser: We are moving the fundraiser to November 7th so that we are not competing with the Bees event. 

Bee’s: The Beehive Collective is going to come and have a presentation/event on Saturday October 4th. Friday they will be at the Black Cat House. 

LFL Bike Tour: Lacey’s dad proposed the idea to hold a bike tour event of the south little free libraries. Lacey is thinking the event would be the last weekend in September.

CR Organizing group: Lacey, Andi, and Azaria proposed to take people off of the organizing group page on facebook, that are no longer actively participating. 

Zine: Josslyn proposes an idea to have a zine with “letters to our previous selves”. She is going to post on the collaborative page on facebook for a call for submissions.
Lacey still needs more stuff to get Issue 7 of our zine put together.
Zine workshop on Sunday at Indigo Bridge Bookstore from 2 – 5pm hosted by Lincoln Underground.

Positivity Experiment: Jay from the Bike Kitchen proposed an experiment with posting positive pictures/posters around town. 

Treasury: Membership dues from Roger $25
$25 from Lacey for membership
$10 from Ben for membership
$25 from Abbie for membership
$25 from Mary Beth for membership
$20 from pet sitting services from Jacque

Common Root Admin