Meeting Minutes 7/10/13

In attendance: Andrew, Ben, Kris, Lacey and Shaina
Moderator: Kris
Note-Taker: Ben

*Kris proposed showing “Human Resources” a free documentary film avail. on YouTube. Sounds like we’ll scheduled it in August.
*Andrew proposed to have Ivanhoe on CR Board of Directors
*We need shed keys…Andrew should bring so we can put the mower away
*AC Units/Circuit problems: both ACs cannot run at once, but the computer is on another circuit. Need an adapter or swap plugs? Shaina is figuring out.
*Library progress – going well!
*CR is on; Shaina added a search feature on our home page that also gives us 1 cent per search for anyone using it
*Plumbing needs to be fixed BIG TIME! Hire plumber?
*No treasury update this week
*Cleaning/decorating party at 6:30 PM next Wednesday.
*Future project: CR property audit – document items at CR
*Shaina sets up general Common Root login for everyone to share and post meeting minutes to the forum
* Zine Meeting: Individual attendees read submissions
* Shaina to donate large monitor to CR for movie screenings!

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