Meeting Minutes 6/9/17

Present: Azaria, John, Sari, Andira, Lacey (moderator), Larry (co-moderator), Bob (note taker)

–CR July Event Calendar – passed around for edits. Will finalize after June 22 meeting.

–Fall For Pride Vendor Applications – Lincoln Atheists approved, Indigo Bridge approved, Planned Parenthood approved & Outlinc approved.

Give To Lincoln GAY Bill – Approved to pay $183 for Common Root’s 1/3 portion of the cost for this years event. Voted yes to establish a set dollar amount for CR to donate for the 2018 event, rather than wait until CR receives a bill after the event takes place.

Winter Season Free Saturdays – Lacey is unable to host October Free Saturday this year but plans to host Free Saturdays in November, January & March and still plans to host monthly Free Saturdays in the summer months. Lacey would like to take a break from hosting Free Saturday every month, 12 months a year so this event is open for any CR member to host on unclaimed months.

Star City Pride – July 7th & 8th at Lincoln Journal Star parking lot. – Consider having a booth at this event. Fridays hours are 4-8pm and Saturday 1pm – 8pm. Bob can probably work booth Friday night. Still unknown if the event ‘Pride in the Park’ is happening the same weekend on Saturday, at which CR usually has a presence. Lacey will contact Star City Pride to find out application deadline. Andira has contacted Fette to find out if Pride in the Park is happening this year and, if so, obtain details.

Pride March & QueerFest – QueerFest at The Bay on Saturday from 5-10pm. Chelsea, Lacey & Bob will meet at 4:30 PM, staff a table there, selling buttons, etc. Undecided as to how late CR will keep table open… maybe until 9pm. Pride March is on Sunday from 2-4pm at the State Capitol. Volunteers meet at the north steps at 1:30 PM.

Agenda Items For Next Meeting:
–CR July Calendar Edits – Lacey – 5 minutes
–Fall For Pride Vendor Applications – Lacey -10 minutes
–Nebraska Bookfest – Erica – 5 minutes
–Podcast Party – Josslyn – 5 minutes

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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