Meeting Minutes 6/5/14

Andi, Azaria, Ben (moderator), Jagdeep, Josslyn (note taker), Lacey, Lauri, Mary Beth, Toby

1. Funds dispersed to Abbie and MB
2. Bhodi After Market: Stands at BAM from 1-4p, most are produce, however, ten or fifteen dollars for a community booth. If interested parties want to participate through rotation, we could have a common root/artist booth. Will need to have parties sign-up to host the booth. Additional details will need to be found out.
3. Fiesta in the Village-Saturday, June 14th- mix of community/store space with literature from Common Root. Additional volunteers would be appreciated, as available. 7-9p
4. 501c3- Addition of view person to give additional legal perspective to support 501c3. Monday 7p
5. Internet Access Update: Possible TWC, however, lowest plan is still expensive and has contracts. Additionally, we may be able to use prepaid service to fill the gap.
6. Training/Key Holder: Fill out forms entirely: fill out assigned button number (buttons in tube,) contact info, and provide gifts. Additionally, training sessions will be completed at each meeting to review procedures.
7. Treasury Update: +2117.92
8. July Calendar: Review and make adjustment to events.
9. Card Fundraiser: Jen provided cards to allow for fundraiser to begin.
10. Newsletter/Zine: Ben-transgender profiles, Lacey-Book Reviews, Azaria-Photography, Abbie/Andi-Poetry, Recipes
11. Midwestern Anarchist Federation: Andi talked to people forming group of listing/directory of radical spaces in the Mid-west.
12. Azaria may create bracelets to sell from scrap pieces at Common Root.
13. Lacey created zine to pass out at edible wilds walk and asked for approval to produce 40 copies. Motion approved.
14. Group Operation: Decentralize organization and move more roles on to other members, thus creating self-sufficiency. Review of board and creation of drop-off period.

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