Meeting Minutes 6/5/13

Present: Kris, Andrew, Azaria, Ivanhoe, Lacey, Shaina

Moderator: Shaina

Notetaker: Ivanhoe

Shaina is moving her stuff into the smaller, closety room; Kris is interested in renting the room vacated by Shaina for $200.

Azaria has been reading “Random Acts of Kindness” and read a story, then everyone shared stories of kindnesses.

We will wait to install the air conditioner after the mourning doves have vacated their nest.

Andrew’s parents have a fold-out couch that is nicer than Common Root’s.  Ideas about what to do with the old couch were floated; no consensus, except that we don’t want it anymore.

The landlord will be contacted about the leaky faucet and the kitchen water pressure.

Krisis interested in gardening a portion of the garden. Tours of the garden and of the basement were carried out.  Shaina offered Ivanhoe a table for use in his room, and moved her equipment into the closety room.

No website updates.

Lacey proposed Civilitics as the next potluck topic.

Toby was absent, so the Treasury was not discussed.

The End

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