Meeting Minutes 6/4/15

-Lacey – moderator
-Shea – co-moderator
-Spencer – note-taker

Joe Stevens/Ben Wallace – following up for FFP; previously contacted (no response), seeking confirmation, final band spot held on line-up

Poets – following up w/ Ben Wenzl, Katie F-S for last 2 open spots

Wes & Scott planned for 2:30, between bands & poets

Raffle still a possibility, w/ K’h’ylie announcing

Once a Pawn confirmed since last meeting

Decided on 6′ tables; table size disputed, 6’x30” confirmed

Will look at layout of park, and decide the arrangement for tables; waiting for Azaria to discuss layout, in order to structure layout around her activities; recommended a semi-circle away from stage in order to accommodate music; considering grid/semicircle layouts; suggestions:
-Food vendors away from music to make orders easily heard; off to side of bandshell?
-Separate space for eating?

Barbara mentioned security; liaison available if needed

Norwex Donation:
Norwex, ecocleaning microfiber cloth; intereseted in doing an Mary Kay-esque sales party at Common Root, offering donation in return. Possibily too commerical for a Common Root event. Shea suggested Common Root buy Norwex products and have those donations go towards Common Root as a compromise. Still not comfortable with the idea, with interaction of for-profit vs. non-profit businesses clashing.

July/Aug. Calendars
Passed around updated calendars, Thank-You cards from Give to Lincoln. Barbara & Sammi proposed an event for Art in the Afternoon.
Possibility of children’s art show. 

Lacey presented receipt for supply reimbursement. Sammi suggested checking out having a written document for treasury, or to get Toby’s information from him and make it more accessible to the rest of the group. 

Art Show
Deadline still set at July 1, show on Aug. 7 (First Friday), no submissions as of yet. Theme may be confusing to people, considering possible push in advertising. If still no submissions close to deadline, it may be extended.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin