Meeting Minutes 6/25/15

Andira (note-taker), Azaria (moderator), Barbara, Jen 1 (or 2), Jen 5,
Lacey (co-moderator), Laura, Mike, Shea & Toby

-Waiting on a few submissions
-Aim to be done by Star City Pride

Heartland Pride
-Went well – made $128.75 (cost $110)
-Sold out a few sets of buttons
-We want to make new magnets with button press

LGBTQ Support Circle
-Include current event discussion or research information
–Might need to
–2 or 3 topics month
–Discuss next topics
-post in in advance (3 weeks)
–a planned topic and an open topic

-We want to own a building
-Do a smaller scale trial run
–Should do before the large one, but space them out a lot
–Mike can film and Azaria has experience
—Barbara suggests raising funds for video equipment
—-Andira suggests “community camera” to help organizations and projects

We are beta testing ACH transfer with our credit union
-Shea and Barbara want to help with grant writing
-Barbara suggests a perk a free button?

Azaria wants to collaborate with a nonprofit coffeehouse, in the new space

Art Show
-We have 6 artist submitted and expect 7 more
-We will suspend art
-Keep an eye out for framing materials
–Barbara is trained to frame
-We can use the monitor for digital art
–it is harder to sell in digital format, but OK
-We want to do artist profiles to promote them – will ask permission

-Recycling options
-Star City Pride
-Vendor update
-Activities update
-Details – event page soon!
-Entertainment lineup

Art Show
-FB event
-Choose art for show
-Decide if we need to extend deadline
-Set timeline go receiving and hanging art

Agenda in two weeks:
-review check prices
-Militant – renew subscription?

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin