Meeting Minutes 6/23/16

Attending: Andira – Moderator, Jazz – co-moderator, Larry – recorder. Lacey, Sammi, Bob, Heather.

July Calendar -finalize 5 m Lacey

Trans Youth Group 5m Jazz
Working on flyer and adding “Non-binary” to description
Self identify as “youth” and willing to put up with high school ages.

Key holder Nomination 15 m Lacey
Heather nominated as keyholder. Vote was unanimous in favor! Welcome Heather!

Potential Fundraiser 5m Sammi
Sammi is donating a number of framed pictures he has created. Plan to potentially host an art “showing” and possibly use one or more for a raffle prize at FFP.

Reminder – Campfire tomorrow/ Social next week 5m Lacey
Next week’s meeting is just Social, please come and socialize. 


Social media Committee items ?
Thinking about closing our Pinterest account or having someone else step up to keep us active on that and any other social media.

Window Sign (lit up) 5 m Bob
Bob suggested that we could maybe put a paper sign in our window facing O st. Lighted from behind to increase our visibility. Also Jazz 

Rule changes suggested: eliminate the part about the rules don’t rotate alphabetically. “Meeting roles are voluntary. It is encouraged that everyone participate to have a chance to learn our process and develop organizational skills.
These rules are to be read at the moderator’s discretion, or upon request.
Also someone must water the plants. (Plant waterator)

New space? Currently $450 plus insurance for our current space. Need to combine with some other organization, possibly, to share a space. Possible crowdfund to get into a larger space that’s ground floor and accessible. Heather wants to partner with us for her slam/other projects, would have to be in larger space. 

Heather also brought up Patreon as a possible revenue source if we are able to create an account for a non-profit group like ours. Worth investigating. 

Porchfest has been moved to September 18th , (Sunday) rain date September 24th (Saturday) !

Set agenda for July 7 meeting (5 m) all

Contacting Spencer about electronic equipment for FFP. Bob. (5m)
August calendar (2m) Lacey
Re-usable bags for FFP? Sammi 5m
Trans/non-binary project Jazz (5m)

We did get our certificate of liability insurance for FFP.
Need to get an idea of space inside the Auld Pavilion, perhaps a tour to get some measurements. 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin