Meeting Minutes 6/2/16

–(Larry) Jazz unanimously voted in as CR Keyholder with Quorum achieved.
Larry – Board Member
Chelsea, Azaria, Bob – Keyholders
Ayden – Member

–Jazz will consider/pursue starting a TransYouth Group, which would meet at CR.

–(Bob) It was decided Bob should continue investigating cost of CR doing a “mass mailing” of postcards, reminding people to think of CR during Give To Lincoln Day 2017. A minimum mailing of 200 is required to use nonprofit postage on such mailing? Black & White vs. color cost. Recycled paper vs. not cost. Where or how to obtain mailing addresses to reach 200 count were among aspects discussed & needing additional info on.

–(Bob) July 2016 calendar passed around for editing. Thank You card, to add CR member signatures for recent Give To Lincoln Day, passed around. (Cards mailed 6/3/16)

–(Larry) How to make more money for CR free thought table discussion.
*Reach out to other org.’s regarding our button-making capability. *Open a CR and/or site to sell made items and/or t-shirts, mugs, etc. *Monthly or every-other-month art show at CR, with no cost for artists to display, but CR receiving percentage for any items sold. *”The Waffle Guy” type fundraiser, possibly held at larger venue (Vine Street Church suggested as one possibility).


Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin