Meeting Minutes 6/21/18

Present: Larry, Andira (Moderator), Sari, Jon (Co-Moderator), Bob (Note Taker)

VOTE on CR donating $500 to The Foundry – Bob – Discussion on the pros/cons and it was ultimately decided it was a lot of money, and there is no reason rush a possible donation of this size, without further discussion involving more people at future meetings.

Finance Report – Andira – Still waiting to hear back from credit union on setting up auto payments for CR’s rent.

Filtering Messages – Lacey – Moved to next meeting.

Foundry Printer Usage – Larry – You must arrange time with Bishop Business Equip. and be at The Foundry between the hours of 8-5pm, Monday through Friday, to set up your personal access to the printer on 3rd floor. Larry has successfully done this.

Stickers – Andira – Should CR consider purchasing stickers and/or bumper stickers to sell or give away? Putting a cause or phrase on the stickers, rather than just the CR name/logo, was mentioned like “Pipeline Fighter” or “I (heart) Common Community” or similar. Will consider for future discussions.

Final O Street Cleanout – Larry – Larry would like to have the O Street space completely cleaned out and the keys ready to turnover to the landlord at the CR Moving Committee Meeting on Thursday, June 28th taking place at the O Street space. Sari & Jon have gotten rid of most large objects, including the couch. There is still table framework to be removed by Andira.

Pride in the Park and Cooper Park events – Larry – Larry asked for volunteers to staff booths at these events on Saturday, June 30th and Saturday, July 7th. Larry and Andira plan to staff these booths. Any help is appreciated.

Google My Business – Sari – Sari has begun to set up a CR business presence here, which will also include a photo. A snail mail has been sent to CR to verify that Sari is a member of the CR organization, so if anyone finds this type of mail at CR please notify Sari ASAP.
NOTE: ALL of CR’s mail should begin arriving at The Foundry now and it’s supposed to magically appear on our cubicle desk.

Keyholder Parking Passes – Andira – It was voted and APPROVED that CR should provide a $30 i-Park card to any Keyholder hosting a minimum of 2 events per month at the space, and desires one. Providing a list of parking uses and a vote would be suggested before CR would re-charge any such card. It was also voted & APPROVED that Andira would receive a $30 i-Park card.

Open House – Sari – Ideas involving FlyDogz catering and possibly live musice being involved were discussed. July 14th was thrown out as one possible date for an Open House. Sari put up a poll in the CR Organizing fb group for folks to vote on preferred dates.

Website Update – Lacey – (from Facebook post) –
“I contacted Stacy about three weeks after I stopped hearing back from her (I believe this was in April) and it sounds like she was overwhelmed with professional projects but would pick back up when she was able.
I haven’t heard from her since, but we have gotten her everything she asked for, as of mid March, so I can check back in with her again.”

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, July 5th, 7:30pm – 9pm at The Foundry, 211 N. 14th in the green room on 3rd floor. 

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

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