Meeting Minutes 6/19/14

Andi, Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Jeanette (moderator), Josslyn (note taker), Scott, Tammy 

Review of July Calendar: ‘Lawrence Anyways’ selected for Queer Movie Night…Discussion of Free Saturday and lower attendance, as well as, review of possibly reduce days per year to prevent over saturation. Repair cafe will still commence on July 3rd.

Internet Update: No available update. Will contact Bernie to review options.

Basic Skills: Providing access to basic skills that generations prior were skilled in; such as canning, letter writing, mending. Will discuss on organization group page to discuss skills we may have to teach and would like to learn. Built database of skills to make available. Post to have individuals share up to three skills they would like to learn or share.

Therapy group: Provide space for individuals to work on issues on mental health issues with Kylie and look to options to help reduce liability/maintain confidentiality. 

Pride Potluck: Bring colorful food to add to festivities. 

Leading with the Boldest of Dreams: Community Event to discuss ideas on improving the Lincoln community on June 23 @ 7pm.

Palm Oil: Inform others that the Indian grocer may sell product which contain such an ingredient, leading to deforestation amongst other concerns.

501c3: Susan has been helping with getting committee back on track, as she has some expertise in the legal field. Core group: Andi, Barbara, Bernie, Roger, Susan, and Toby

Repair Cafe: Review of origins. Discuss possible collaboration with UNL Makers. 

Fixing Everything: Call the landlord regarding AC.

Treasury: 2130.89 (Funds to be dispersed and Lacey is owed funds)

Artist Card: Artists will provide information of pricing. May offer drawings to build engagement and larger attendance. Barbara will contact Lincoln Art Council to be placed on the October 1st Friday (and review any costs associated.)

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