Meeting Minutes 6/13/19

In attendance: Larry (co-moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Nathalie, Bob (moderator), Alexa, Andira, Emily

Bob reads the meeting rules

Finance Report (Bob – reading Donna’s fb post) $6524.63 – this does not include any proceeds from G2LD

G2LD Recap (Bob)
~ Give To Lincoln Day FB ad boost ~

$30 ad boost 2 weeks prior to G2LD

1,736 people reached (number of times people saw ad at least once)
1.78 Frequency (average number of times each person saw the ad)
19 – Post Reactions
1 – Post Comment
6 – Post Shares
5 – Link Clicks
0 – Page Likes

$1,690 pledged (before matching funds applied)
2018 – $2,130 

Thank you cards have been mailed out. Lacey has been reimbursed for stamps and cards.

T-Shirt Update (Andira) Talking with Brad. Andira will check to see that she has sent the logos to Brad and she’ll aim for having them done by the Heartland Pride Parade. Emily would like a t-shirt.

Flood Relief (Bob) We previously approved to donate $350 to local flood relief efforts. Bob suggested we get the funds sent to a 501c3 nonprofit, but which one? We’d like it to be Nebraska or nearby flood relief. Nebraska Farm Bureau Disaster Relief Fund is suggested. Larry has personally known people who have worked for the Farm Bureau, and it’s in Nebraska to keep it local. More flooding means they probably still need relief funds.

Andira volunteers to post an update and a post a nonprofit we can vote on in the organizing group tomorrow.

Finalize July Cal (Lacey) The calendar is passed around for edits and additions. None are made.


Website (Nathalie & Lacey) So far Nathalie has put around 8 hours into building us a new website through SquareSpace. She gives us a presentation of the site she’s started designing for us. Lacey and Andira give a brief history of how the current site was created and how we lost control of it. could eventually point to – Nathalie says it’s easy to move them both to squarespace and it can all be managed through the same admin panel, and she’d setup a redirect. Lacey would like the opportunity for us to learn how to content update together closer to when we launch. Nathalie can setup a shared Common Root admin account.

Vote passes with consensus for Nathalie to move forward with this design. We are so appreciated! This will cost $18/month. Nathalie is donating $25/month as a new member.

We should be able to discontinue paying once the new site is launched.

NAGV (Bob) People seem to like stickers! Would CR want to consider purchasing stickers from other organizations to make available for free to organizers and maybe even make available for free to our event attendees and the general public? Bob produces 15 Nebraskans Against Gun Violence stickers they gave to us. Should we pay for the stickers $2 per sticker? It’s sort of like donating to their cause.

A vote is called to pay $30 to Nebraskans For Gun Violence for the stickers to help with monetary support. The vote does not pass, vote was divided.

Nathalie suggests Common Root stickers at local businesses to give away to customers and help get our name out. It’s suggested that we send the stickers to people farther away and try to encourage people closer to visit us at the space or in the community.

BOD – Andira is looking to find more board members for Common Root. Andira would like Common Root to collaborate with OutNebraska’s Pride in the Park. We’d like to keep the family-friendly alternative going, keeping non-commercial, community pride available locally. In a couple weeks Andira is going to meet with organizers to plan this. It’s happening on Sunday, October 6th

We are moving to our monthly meeting schedule now. Next CR business meeting will be Thursday, July 11 at 7:30 PM.

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member
1 – Keyholder
1 – member of CR Organizational FB group
1 – Other attendee

Common Root Admin