Meeting Minutes 6/13/13

* Andrew, Devon, Ivanhoe, Kris, Link (moderator), Toby (note-taker)

1. Smiles

Everybody should have some.

2. Repairs

Toby will look at the toilet seat, then send all repair requests to Ray.

3. Couch

Andrew has a new couch for us, but we need a truck. Toby can very likely get one on Saturday. But how can we get rid of the old one? If we delay it a week, then maybe we can get rid of it at Free Saturday. We’ll try that, and advertise it.

4. Calendar

Toby reports that ARAN last month allowed the meeting to be delayed a day one time with notice on Facebook.

5. Treasury

After the month’s bills, the treasury stands at $525.79.

6. Lease

Ray signed the continuation of the lease, so now he is renting directly to Common Root.

7. Mourning doves

We missed our window of opportunity to remove the opportunistic doves from the window ledge.

8. Events

We have a social cycling event next Monday evening. Starting here, ride out east. You should come! Also, there’s Science Café on the Higgs boson.

9. Kris Barzydlo

Kris wants to move in downstairs.

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