Meeting Minutes 6/12/14

In Attendance on June 12
Amanda, Andi, Barbara, Bernie, Ben, Garren, Jeanette, Jonathan, Josslyn
& Mary Beth

Notes from meeting:

Art night is a go on Monday July 28st from 7-8:30pm, will be combined with music night
Writing group discussed for July 29th evening
500 Likes giveaway: yes something will be done for this
Stamp Ink: will be bought by Andi
Artist cards fundraiser:
1) choose different card for flyer if BW, due to contrast issues with Barb’s card
2) idea: half page color flyers for targeted high traffic spots, including Ivana Cone, Cultiva, Meadowlark, Gomez art store, and the library. Number to print: 20 estimated
Josslyn to find a movie title for July movie night
Rad Fem Lit: Barbara doesn’t have description, will get that done. Will include notes in description that say that transgender individuals and men are welcome to attend this. Also consider stating that divergent views on Rad Fem will be addressed, fearlessly 
Internet access: Jagdeep still looking (not here; no update). Need to ask Tandem Bikers what they need to use internet for; high speed streaming unlikely to happen. Tabled for next meeting
Herbology Group: majority vote to allow use; people are interested in joining. Can we get info?
Zine update: photos coming; have a volunteer for monthly book reviews; talked briefly about articles from Deanna. Need more content!
Lincoln Repair Cafe: June 23rd will have sewing machine and will repair clothing during the event, from 7:30-9pm.
LFL Steward Book Swap: Ben is OK with timing. The primary cause is to swap books between libraries vs issue a wider call for books
FWP buttons ordering will happen in September and will be 400 for the count. Might want more buttons but need to examine how tiered pricing works and bring back cost info
Pride: walk around and hand out flyers vs booth. Need volunteers. Might also include Queer Movie Night info on the flyer to get people to come to CR
Add on item for keyholders: leave price tag on the air fresheners when sold
Treasurer not here; no report given

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