Meeting Minutes 6/11/15

In attendance:
Mike Moderator
Shea Note-taker
Andira Co-moderator

Agenda & notes
Skillshare Brainstorm (15 min)
Events Shea would like to host-
additional support circle
meditations/guided meditation
skilshare- sewing machine/teaching others to use a surger.
Andira would like to vote for Shea to be a keyholder but there was not enough people who are able to cast votes tonight.

Renting Library Space (10 min)
Chelsea has not spoken to Marcus to rent library space for a writing event
(This was tabled too many times for Chelsea to remember)
We will check with Barbara on this 

July & August Calendar (5 min)
Chelsea – “It looks nice.”
Mike – “It’s flat.”
So, I suppose there were no additions.

Zine (10 min)
Rough draft to pass around and make edits if necessary
Mike suggests a “hard cover-edition”
Andira suggests Vol. 1-8
Mike suggests a centerfold like a tree
(The above statements were probably made out of jest.)

Set Agenda for next week (5 min)

Mike & Lacey need to talk about the diagram/table map for FFP
Art Committee Meeting
Board Member Rules/ Adding People (Obligations)
July & august Calendars

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin