Meeting Minutes 5/8/13

* Andrew, Azaria, Ivanhoe, Lacey (moderator), Shaina, Toby (note taker), William

1. Smoking

That seems to be taken care of.

2. Air conditioner

There is a nest of mourning doves where we’d like to have our air conditioner. We will delay the air conditioner until they’ve fledged, then move the nest so it isn’t used again. (It’s apparently pretty easy for mourning doves to rebuild nests; the real problem is that they abandon them TOO easily!)

2. Gardening

The OL garden may be in our yard. Ivanhoe will be built-in helper. Three individual plots on the side, and a community garden in the back. Vegetables and herbs are both welcome. Perennials are nice, obviously (^_^).

3. Coloured drawer

It disappeared, we don’t know when. It may be in the basement. We don’t really need it; we just want to know if things are disappearing.

4. Zines

We might print some in colour. We have received a long and boring submission, so we want to figure out how to tactfully get it edited and cut.

5. Fundraiser

Ben is doing pet sitting. We can sell random stuff.

6. Black Cat House opening

June 1 from 3 pm to 7 pm, slightly overlapping with our potluck. But we might have our potluck on June 8, which fits in with five Saturdays and keeping Free Saturday away from Father’s Day. So we don’t care.

7. Treasury

We have $723.56 coming in. Shaina got $30 for doing IT work for Donna DiPaolo (Lacey’s mom), and she bought two buttons for $2. We reimburse her an extra $7.06 from last week, now that we have the correct total. But she gets tired of receiving change and donates the last $0.01. Then $3 in the donation box. So now we have $751.51.

8. Collective publishing project

William will be gone for a while, so book binding waits until he returns in July.

9. Listserv

Lacey is going to send out a message about civilitics. Williams says to mention the Rainbow Gathering. Perhaps Ivanhoe’s tutoring services need to be emphasised again. Or it could go in the calendar space!

10. May Day

We talked about why it didn’t work.

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