Meeting Minutes 5/5/16

Attending: Aenea, Hana, Larry, Ben, Chelsea, Mike, Bob, Jazz, Andira, 

Divine designs 5 min Mike
Canvassing for Porchfest 10 m Maya
BOD Discussion (30 Min) All
Approval for Stamps for G2LD cards (5m) Andira
June Calendar (5M) Andira
Set Agenda for CR/BORING Meeting (5 m) All

Ben is moderating, Jazz is co-moderating, Larry is recording.

Mike’s sister, starting up a new business, car vinyls and Screen Printing
Wants to use our logo on stuff. Needs letter of permission in case copyright things come up. 

Board Of Directors we need a replacement for Toby (at least). Larry Nominated.
Reluctantly. Elected. 

Stamps for G2LD cards. Approved for how many we need.

GOPO volunteer opportunities. Jazz believes we can get many volunteers through the GOPO program and they have many contacts. Possibly several volunteers for both Porchfest and FFP.

Mike asked about Youtube channel possibilities. He said he has an excellent microphone now and we should be able to move forward with some promotional videos and skill-shares for our channel.

Agenda for next week:
Laptop presentation about Porchfest, discussion from Maya (5 min)
Update on DD Waiver (5 min.)
Coordination Chart Andira (15 m)
Mobile website. Jazz (5 m)
BOGO update Jazz (15m)

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin