Meeting Minutes 5/29/14

In attendance: Amanda, Andi, Azaria (moderator), Barbara, Jeanette (note-taker), Josslyn, Lacey, Lauren, Tammy & Toby

-Insurance Update
Toby: CR has insurance; no payments made yet. $50/month—not sure if it includes tax or not. Not covered for alcohol events. Toby will find out what such coverage will cost and get back to CR.

-Treasury Update
Took out $450 for June; but in box down the hallway. Toby put in $50 membership $1961.95.

-Edible Wilds Walk
bring camera, notebook, etc. to record edibles

-Bike rack
electrical pole, two signs can be used to lock bikes
will talk with landlord about where to place bike rack

-501c3 Frequency of meetings
Was every Monday. Barbara, Toby, Andi (Bernie and Roger were absent) discussed optimal time to meet. Mondays (7 p.m.?) work for Barbara and Toby and Andi. One of the members will contact Bernie about the meeting.

-Items for List Serve update
Update next week by Lacey; asked for additions to update. Will add Edible Wilds Walk, Crafting SkillShare + Repair Cafe, 

Lauren returned keys. Next keyholder will be ?

Barbara suggested trading cards as art items to be sold (artist trading card) in autumn. Members could create their own cards from various materials; could have a “card creating” night. Cards would be artists’ expense; earnings would go to CR. Will put out request for playing cards (which will be the basis for artists’ cards. May have show on a First Friday (see: artist trading cards on Internet)

Play festival: could ask for donations at the door, per Amanda. Unsure of venue; UNL permits events if donations are asked for. Amanda will explore getting a space on UNL.

-Pet policy: establish one? Pet policy existed in the past. No pets inside (sensitivities; building requirements); permitted at outside events.

Rate for non-profits? Jagdeep has agreed to check into this. Lacey will follow up on this.


Toby Bartels

Just for the record, the 501(c)(3) committee has been meeting every other week for a month or so now, although we did meet every week for a while before that.

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