Meeting Minutes 5/29/13

In attendance: Lacey (moderator), Andrew, Toby, Ivanhoe, Shaina, Azaria (note-taker), Barbara and William

Internet Service: Talked about changing, decided to stay with current service.

Mail: 2 pieces of mail came addressed to “LUNk Collective”
1st piece from “Free Bradley Manning”
2nd were posters for Earth First

NOTE: Andrew will contact Slingshot with our updated Common Root info

Treasurey: Current $634.98

Calendar/Flyers: Azaria will put up calendars at Meadowlark and Open Harvest. William took some flyers later for various events. Lacey and Andrew may be late distributing calendars around town this month, but will hit Haymarket coffee shops, downtown coffee shops, etc.

Address on Facebook: Adding the address to the Facebook group – Andrew did it during the meeting

Library catalogue: Ivanhoe finished “gender/sexuality” and “race/ethnicity/culture” sections for our online catalouge

Fundraising: Talked about future event at Pepe’s. Andrew proposes an hors d’oeuvres & art auction. Ivanhoe tells us about, proposes for anyone to put up services.

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