Meeting Minutes 5/25/17

In attendance: Erica (co-moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Mike, Heather, Larry, Chelsea, Bob (moderator), Andira, Josslyn, Azaria, Sari, Kevin & Tammy

-May Day 2018 Meeting – 5 m – Andira
Labor / Workers Solidarity 2018 May Day Planning Meeting happening on Monday, June 5th at 4:30 PM. There is a google event Andira can add interested folks to.

-Finish GAME Plan – 20 m – Sari
Previous meeting we figured out Goal, Audience & Message but we need to finish Engagement tonight. We want to reach out to 50 organizations and make $2550 in sponsorships or funding, family-friendly vendors.

Face to face contact may be the most effective for engaging new sponsors and vendors. Consider advertising in Lincoln Kids Newspaper, free to post community events. There’s a 55+ Newspaper we can also reach out to. All families are welcome, all allies. Blog possibilities: Do Something Lincoln, Socialed In.

List Serve – advertisement for FFP – Call for Sponsors/Vendors. Flyer with FFP call for sponsors and vendors. Erica picking up final empty slots for vendor contacts, Heather suggests we sign up for places we’re willing to visit in person, Heather and Mike will pick up the Common Root flyers from Goldenrod. Chelsea is willing to visit some places, The Bay, etc.

-G2LD update and thank you notes – 5 m – Lacey
The thank yous are passed to be signed.

-Treasury Update – 5 m – Andira
$2751 (and change) made on G2LD, with our current treasury we’re up to over $6000 (our highest treasury amount yet)! 

-FFP Vendor apps – 5 m – Lacey
POUTit POUTit – Business/Food Vendor
Vote did not pass, we are interested in having her there, but the LipSense (her only product) is not a local business, which does not qualify. Perhaps she has other items she can sell?

-Trello – Tast Management – 5 m – Andira
Online, you can create checklists, task collaboration could be possible using this app. Andira posted about this in the organizing group in the past. Would people like to implement this. Sari is excited! She thinks it’s perfect for collaborative task management, boards, inbox, move tasks from board to board, you can add links, attachments and it’s all FREE! You can assign tasks to people, it will tell you have far along a task is (37% complete)! Vote passed with consensus.


Finalize calendar – 2 m – Lacey

Dropbox? – 5 m – Andira
$20 / month file sharing/storing files Dropbox account. People like dropbox. If we have more documents or videos we would need space to store those things. Consider having this in place for Fall For Pride.

Intern Update “dear diary” – 5 m – Chelsea
Chelsea is interested in visiting potential FFP vendors and sponsors. She can keep us in the loop in the organizing group on Fb about visits. We can follow up via email with folks she visits.

FFP Outdoor Entertainer Qs – 10 m – Lacey
Questions were written by the group on the organizing group are approved to move forward, Lacey will send a link on to KZUM to use in on-air advertisements.

Set agenda – June 8th Meeting – 5 m – ALL
-Mini-do stickers on the back of keychains
-Bob gets double-voting power thanks to Mike’s absense, except Heather votes against Bob…so we’re back to square 1 
-July calendar draft – 2m – Lacey
-FFP vendor apps – 10m – Lacey
-Book Festival – 5m – Erica
-Podcast Party – 5m – Josslyn

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin