Meeting Minutes 5/23/12

Meeting start time: 7:23

1) Our meetings now unofficially start at 7:15

2) The sink leaks – could William fix it. Toby will ask

3) Toby is talking to the Landlord on Satarday morning.
a) Lease
b) Kurt leaving
b) Prospective painting

4) Router reimbusement for Jai – it coat $50

5) Library – Jai is still doing a good job and Ashley too
We are  intigrating the DVD’s into the catagories
Chad Donated – Patriotism, Flow and Maxed Out DVD’s

6) Alcohol policy
a) Alcohol is allowed for resident personal use
b) Alcohol is allowed at specific events or open hours only if a host accepts responsiblity for managing use and checking ID’s
c) The house rules will be altered to state: No illegal use of alcohol or other drugs is not allowed

7) Calendar
Chad is volenteering for to cover 8-1:00 on the June 2nd Yard sale
Jai is getting back to Lacey about the extra movie nights and the rest of the movie titles
The Really Really Free Market will go on our callender on the 16th of June
The 21st of June will
We are calling the gender discussion group – Queer Box Discussion Group for this month

8) We pick Common Root – Mutual Aid Center

Common Root Admin