Meeting Minutes 5/22/13

Ivanhoe is moderator, Andrew is notetaker
Also in attendence: Lacey and Toby

1) Teasury
Lacey is owed $20 for garden plants
Jacque paid $20 for bid-sitting. Toby says we are calling that even.
Toby is paying Andrew $34.22 for the cable bill.
We are considering if we are going to switch to Windstream for internet service. Andrew is researching.
2) Lease, Toby has talked to the landlord about switching Common Root onto the house lease. He will send out the paperwork for signatures.

3) Lock box. We like the lock box, but we think it should be more obvious. We’ll talk more when William returns.

4) We may soon have a meeting to discuss Civilitics.

5) Tub faucet is still dripping, Outside faucet isn’t working. Toby will contact the landlord.

6) Dinners with structured discution. We talked about it and will more.

7) Calendar, we are signing off on the event coverage.

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