Meeting Minutes 5/2/19

Roll call: Mikaela (note taker), Larry (mod), Lacey (co mod, cat hearder), Marz, Emily, Bob, Alexa, Andira
Meeing actually starts when andira returns 8:35 with chips and salsa and kitchen ware accessories. Please put plates on your chips. Sanitation is requested.
—Hats – Marzipan – 5 minutes
“we should gets” everyone wants hats. Andira wants a beret.
Baseball caps with ponytail functionality are requested (Lacey). Bob definitely wants a hat
Andira – we should also get tumblers maybe as a raffle prize

—Housing Program/LGBTQA Fostering – Marzipan – 10 minutes.
“I want to do that” what the legality? –emily “I’m just thinking if I put myself in the position of an asshole parent. I probably wouldn’t want them to just escape…” larry – would feel lack of control and would worry about their responsible the minor…
Larry has a room. And trust issues. Is considering hosting for a week or two. As is Mikaela.
We could have an application. Emily says we could get some expert opinions. Foster care? Homeless shelter employee? folx at The Hub or the Bay… Definitely OUTLINC. And Out Nebraska. Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays – PFLAGs of Lincoln and Omaha. Andira loves the idea. Says we need to have a database of hosters. And tracking who goes where and for how long. And someone has to do that. Need someone t
Mars – Hotline? Marz exits for le donut shope :c

—Finance Report – Andira or Donna – 2 minutes
Liberty First Credit Union account balance $7380.03. Please note this in the minutes. This does not include rent for May. Bob will deliver a check to Randy Thursday, as the bank cancelled the electronic payment I arranged. I think I will just write a check from now on. The rent is paid thanks to DONNA and Lacey who slipped it under Randy’s door. Rent is 280.
Larry wants to switch credit union. Andira thinks they’re convenient but our scheduled payments ARE coming in and that’s why they’re worth staying with. The treasurers are going to have to do the work…
Give to Lincoln Day 5/30 (T-28 Days) is coming up!

—June calendar draft – Lacey – 2 minutes
Plant-Based Potluck 6:00 Jun 16 room needs booked. Lots of rooms in the foundry are being booked up. Andira is going to get on that because she’s key holding the event.
The meeting room is discussed. Andira mentions 16 hour rule is bad because the rooms aren’t being used. We should be putting as much time on the calendar. Bob says he likes the rule because if other orgs were over using rooms beyond the allotted. We actually haven’t been paying rent on time because of the CREDIT UNION, LIBERTY. We were only a day behind this month but we don’t want to risk the space. Larry says that the hours we book are low priority for the other orgs, generally. We are using the space when no one else is. 

—Flood Relief Followup – Tammy – 10 minutes – tabled….
Bob’s name Mary who is a member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. Dandelion Network. The Hub has been donating supplies. Discussion ensues about to whom and to what extent we are legally allowed to give money. Andira notes the money needs to go somewhere under the umbrella of our mission.

—Tabling Red State on Aug. 24th – Mikaela – 10 minutes
Put on by the Nebraska Leftist Coalition. Red State is an annual one-day conference drawing together revolutionaries from across leftist tendencies and organizations to discuss key issues facing the movement, learn organizing skills and build solidarity on the Great Plains and beyond. We can sell things. Lacey digs. She can’t commit to tabling but wants to be there. Larry will be busy. Andira wants to be there, hopefully doing a workshop. We agreed to pay $50 to be included in the conference program. Mikaela will fill out the form and commit to being there. Solidarity. Bob says 

5 min BREAK. Mikaela want common root brass knuckles.

—Earth Day followup/report – Larry? – 5 minutes
The buttons blew away. And so did many quarter page calendars. It was a nice day during set up. Wasn’t that cold. Then at 9pm IN CAME THE WIND. Emily saw a table blow over. All the canopies came down. Stuff was blowing off the tables. $45 in buttons and two shirts and some magnets and a few keychains. We talked to the people that were there. 

—Cooper Park Celebration – Larry – 5 minutes
Coming up in about a month. 4-7:30 Saturday June 1. Repair café will have an info table there. Don’t know if we can sell but we did sell stuff. There will be games and it’s a big neighborhood party. A lot of families and dogs and bicycles. Larry will be doing a poll on fb to gather volunteers.

—Star City Pride booth – Lacey – 5 min
They are going to use some logos of us because we’re sponsors. We decided because of lack of volunteer availability we won’t have a table at the event.

—Twitter maintenance – Mikaela – 5 minutes
They want to run the twitter!!! Requirement that you must be a keyholder for social media. To be a keyhold you have to be nominated. Emily nominates Mikaela. Vote passes!!!

Give to Lincoln Day – Bob – 15
Common Root Credit Union Change – 10 min
Porch fest – Andira – 10 min
Floor relief – Tammy – 10 min
T-shirts – andira – 10 min
Heartland Pride Pride Parade – 5min
June calendar – Lacey – 2 min

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member
1 – Keyholder
1 – member of CR Organizational FB group
1 – Other attendee

Common Root Admin