Meeting Minutes 5/21/15

Amy, Andira (note-taker), Azaria (moderator), Barbara, Ben, Chelsea
Jen P, Jen H, Lacey (co-moderator), Mike, Sammi & Tammy

We will hold the Social Media Committee meeting next Thursday

We received and E-mail invite from Civic Hack Day
-We’re not 100% sure what this is about
-Barbara will follow up

New location
-We are looking for a new larger location on the ground floor
-Azaria wants to have a food and coffee shop in a new space with CR
-Sammi suggests a location search committee

Event Facilitator Forms
-We talked about edits, Lacey will make them

-No Yoga in June
-Sammi wants to do community service in July
–Andira suggests including children
–Barbara suggest helping clean up Wagon Train
–Amy suggests combining it with Social Cycling
–Azaria suggests working with Wilderness Park
–Lacey likes the idea of stream or park cleaning effort
-June Finalized!

Quirky Canvas – Amy is interested in doing an event along with Chelsea, Amy will looking into pricing of canvas and facilitating the skillshare
Sidewalk chalking – Barbara suggests and event in July, maybe adding a garden at our building
-We’d need to consult the landlord

Joy Factor, on KZUM
-Lacey was on, talking about Little Free Libraries and talked about CR after the show
-Sheila, the host, wants people from CR to come talk!
–Ben and Chelsea would like to be on the show
–Lacey will get dates from Sheila (at least two weeks out)
–We should talk about this in the Social Media Committee

–Lacey will be reimbursed $88.38 for 1000 button pieces ($69.95 plus shipping)
–Another $25 from Barbara for May dues
–$200 from Roger (dues paid through December)
–$300 from Lacey and Andira, in G2LD (dues paid through October)

FFP and Social Media Committee
-Recycling and trash ideas
–Contact high schools and Girl Scouts for volunteers
-Talk about workshops stations
-List of potential vendors

-YouTube update
-LinkedIn update
-Pintrest Update

For another meeting:

-Skillshares Brainstorm
–Grow your own food
—Herb Spiral?
—Quirky Canvas
—Renting Library space, coordinating with OFTF

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin