Meeting Minutes 5/15/14

In attendance: Andi, Azaria, Lauren, Ben, Barbara, Josslyn
Note taker – Azaria
Moderator – Lauren 

New Events: Azaria will be holding open hours for meditation between 6-9pm most Fridays till August.
Barbara will hold monthly art nights.
Amanda is uncertain about the music nights being continued.
Discussion about Amanda starting a writing group, possibly held on Monday
Barbara proposes Rad Fem reading group

David is to look into getting the internet.

June Calender: Finalizing calender.

Box fans: Lacey and Andi are going to bring in a couple box fans to help with circulation
Poster – Andi brought the poster with directions into the space to put up in the window. 

Insurance: Toby says insurance requires a bunch of paperwork, but it is stuff that we already figured out for 501C3, need to get that figured out so we can get coverage this month. 

Mower: Lacey and Andi would like compensation for the mower that they loaned to Common Root that was lost in the move from the house on 24th and B st. The mower was worth $120, the group can decide what is right to give to them. Azaria proposes that Lacey and Andi withhold dues up to $120. Everyone at the meeting agrees that is the right thing. 

Proposed idea to make an “open” sign for the window. 

Treasury update
Lauren paid two months dues. ($50)
Azaria donates $6 from gloves sold
$7.50 brought from Friends of wilderness button-making
Total money added to the treasury today: $63.50

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