Meeting Minutes 5/1/14

In attendance: Andi, Alicia, Azaria, Barbara, Ben (Moderator), Josslyn, Lacey (note-taker), Mary Beth & Toby
-Button supply re-order
-Lacey and Andi will get prices for buttons with quantities and bring them next week
-Treasury update
-Ben paid his April member dues, Andi will make a key for Bernie
-$2516.50 (Andi’s paid her May dues)
-Insurance update
-Alliance of Non-Profits for Insurance, Toby got a quote from them for liability insurance
-Discuss conflict of interest policy for 501c3
-We read through the proposed COI policy and agree to adopt it with some basic changes
-Character strengths
-Lacey will put the free character strengths site on the Org. Fb page and she encourages folks to
take the survey and post their top five character strengths online so we can utilize people’s skills
and talents and work together in the best.
-Final details – Grand Opening
-Lacey, Andi & Barbara will be here to setup at 5 PM
-Lacey, Andi and Mary Beth (maybe Azaria) will be here to tear down
Azaria – pasta & popcorn & coffee
Lacey & Andi – Taco soup and hot tea & water jug
Josslyn – Hummus & spinach finger sandwiches
Barbara – quac and chips
Alicia – strawberry lemonade
Mary Beth – Cookies
Ben – 6 packs
-Lacey made up historical facts to hang around the space to help get the conversation going
about the origins of May Day. She would like to discuss the parallels to workers struggles and
injustices we’re facing today.
-Flash Drive
-16GB flash drive – could we use it in the space? We could transfer files with it. It’s approved.
-Event Promotion
-Lacey will make events for Art Night & Reading Music Theory classes and get event
descriptions from Amanda and Barnara. Toby isn’t here yet…perhaps he will make a vegan potluck event?
June Events –
-Alicia is interested in doing a tie-dye t-shirts in June
-Lacey is planning to host an edible wilds walk with Dustin in June.
-Open Hours in May
-Ben would like to do 9-11 AM on Sundays – First and Third Sundays
-Azaria would like to do Tuesday evenings – starting on the 20th – August from 6-9 PM
-Community Self Management Development sheet
-Andi shows her wording with specifics on 501c3 group goals and resources.
-We can also use this to better explain our mission to interested folks
-Window Sign
-Directions to our suite on a window sign – we will print one
-Food Not Bombs Banner
-What do we do with it? There is no FNB chapter running right now (that we know of). We will
not hang it unless Food Not Bombs becomes active locally again
-Internet access
-We’re waiting on an update from Dave on this


Toby Bartels

The treasury was really $2517.45 with the coins from the robot. But then $2067.45 the next day when I paid rent.

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