Meeting Minutes 5/1/13

Notetaker: Shaina
Moderator: Ivanhoe

Green Party:  Ivanhoe will host them…we agree to let them use the space.  Does not imply endorsement.  Don’t put the event on the calendar but mark it as booked.  May 19th from 1:00-3:00PM

Write Club:  Idea to have people come together and write, get feedback and share writing.  Let Ivanhoe use the space for this event.

Mike: Moving to Colorado. Hopefully no longer an issue.

Howard:  Try changing the sign to allow Howard to smoke on the porch but only on the far end.  Maybe provide an ashtray on the far end of the porch.

Ivanhoe: He can move to a month to month lease.

Leaking faucets in bathroom:  Try calling landlord first…or perhaps William can try to fix it.

*Mayday – zines, promotion?

Redecorating:  Cleaning up and putting energy into the space.  Rearranging things.  Perhaps get rid the couch to discourage people spending the night on them.

Treasury update:  Yes to the $10.27 reimbursement for zines.  Treasury at $718.56.

MayDay:   Invite people to Common Root for the potluck.

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