Meeting Minutes 5/10/18

-Free Saturday Collaboration (10 min) Shawn Ryba (South of Downtown Asso.)
-Mini Do – stickers on button backs
-Mini Do – Lavender Hill button order
-Give to Lincoln GAY update (5m) Lacey
-Form moving committee (5m) All
-VOTE: move in date – Foundry (10m) All
-Library Committee VOTE (10 min) Library Committee
-Key Holder Nomination (5m) Lacey
-Lincoln Unites (5 m) Lacey
-Earth Day recap. (5 m) Larry, Erica, Weston
-VOTE – 5 minutes – Pneumonia Bob – pre-approve CR expenditure of up to $90 to be spent by Lacey Losh & Bob DiPaolo for purchase of a “luggage carrier” of their choice.
-Set agenda, May 24 mtg (5 min) All

Moderator: Lacey
Co-Moderator: Jon
Note Taker: Erica

Also attending: Mike Bo., Bob, Larry

-Free Saturday Collaboration: Shawn Ryba didn’t make it to the meeting, postponed the agenda item

-Give to Lincoln GAY update: Lacey offered them $150, no confirmation yet, Lacey will keep us posted

-Give to Lincoln thank you card photo: postponed until 5/24 meeting
-Form moving committee: Moving Committee members so far include Sari(?), Bob, Jon, Lacey, Weston, Larry, and Erica. There will be a separate Facebook group for this committee and possibly weekly or twice/week meetings. 

-VOTE: move in date – Foundry: 5/31 move in date (Larry, Jon, and Sari to receive building orientation and move Give to Lincoln Day booth into space that afternoon) and 6/30 last day at current space was approved by vote

-Library Committee VOTE: library committee used certain criteria for paring down the CR library, including rarity, usefulness, good shape, and relevance to our mission. Attendees approved the purge of the books that the library committee set aside that didn’t meet this criteria. Purged books will be made available for taking at various CR events this month and next month.


– Key Holder Nomination: Lacey nominated Sari for keyholder status, which was approved by vote.

-Earth Day recap: went well, we gave away all of the printed calendars we took, made $171 with button, water bottle, and t-shirt (3) sales. It worked well to be next to Repair Café. We should request that set up again next year.

– pre-approve a Bob or Lacey $90 expenditure on a luggage cart for use when hauling materials from the new space to off-site events: purchase approved!

– Set agenda, May 24th mtg:
Give to Lincoln Day thank you card photo: All (5 min)
Finalize June Calendar: Lacey (2 min)
Expense report: Andira (2 min)
Give to Lincoln Day details including Facebook boost: Lacey (10 min)
Moving committee update (10 min)
library cart vote: All (5 min)-Lacey will be cart ideas/costs
purge vote for anything ready to be voted on: All (10 min)
Book Grabber event update: Bob and Sari (5 min)
Set agenda for June 7 meeting: All (2 min)

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin