Meeting Minutes 4/9/15

-Ailyne notes, Andira, Lacey, Chelsea, Barbara co mod, Ben mod, Laura.

-Better World: Ishmael, visions for a better world. Inspiring towards improvements, how Common Root can achieve this. Lacey proposes more free events, encourage free culture. Ailyne; hands on experience, narrowing scope of org to skillshares and workshops. What does community really mean? Ben asks. How can we increase community? Ailyne proposes we sequester time for a brainstorming session. Barbara suggests connecting this question to the art calendar: topic of community. Andira references the list of ideas from Annual member meeting.
Barbara is going to call about adopting a trail.
Chelsea, while drawing a blue section in a picture, brought back resume writing to the table as a good idea to encourage more education. A way to reach out to different communities. Passing out food and beverage to raise interest in those skillshares. Barbara mentions Skate for Change. Enriching people’s lives beyond just passing out food.

-May Calendar: Most items are concrete. Coordination chart from Andira was passed around so people could fill it out. This could facilitate the formation of subcomm. 

-Mayday Potluck: The idea was combining it with Radical Poetry. Hopefully involve SP CE in the project. Holding the potluck at a park. Woods Park seems like the best option due to it’s proximity to CR. Picnic Potluck in the Park. 3pm on Saturday, May 2 as date and time seem like the best option. Will hammer out details and post event on FB next week.

-Vegan Boutique: Chelsea is making lip balm. More people need to sign up to bring items. Ailyne is making brown sugar cookies and washcloths (cotton). Neb veg association wants to share proceeds from the bake sale. Ailyne says that we need clarification on what they mean specifically in terms of percentage before we can make a final decision. Barbara suggests we propose a joint bake sale in the future with them. Chelsea says that the timing is off, not enough opportunity to organize. Maybe we can use FFP to split proceeds with NebVegAssc. Andira proposes a raffle at FFP to help raise money for another org. Andira is smart

-Treasury: $32.50 from Lin Earth Day for buttons. Barbara paid dues – $25

-Art submissions: Lacey reads the Call for submissions to visual artists. Grassroots/community focus. 2 tier system to be voted on to get in the calendar. Andira hates corn cob back scratchers. Deadline for submissions is July 1st, a month before the First Friday show in August. Distribute on social media, Barbara wants to make posters of the call for submissions.

-Lincoln Earth Day: Booth. Bringing canopy, table provided, bring chairs if you want one – they aren’t provided, magnet board, buttons board and extra buttons, calendars (both sizes), member forms with pens, counted cash box, business cards, banner, ‘zines, square

-Heartland Pride – tabled

-Wording for collab group: Andira proposed adding to top of group a description of the purpose of the group and how it differs from the reg Common Root page. For clarity. 7 votes for, 0 against. Unanimous, it will be posted. 

-Meeting frequency: Lacey: there have been at least 3 meetings where we struggled to make quorum. Should we meet bi-weekly to help attendance? Barbara proposes we discuss the items on facebook so everyone can have their voices heard before the meetings. So we won’t waste time explaining things. Chelsea feels like we still need to meet every week, but instill expectations on attendance for specific roles. Andira agrees. More constraints for meetings. Barbara suggests subcommittees for discussing specific agenda points. Chelsea thinks the subomm idea is good. She also suggests another weekly meeting for subcommittee meetings. Barbara suggests voting online for keyholders/otherwise.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin