Meeting Minutes 4/3/14

Present: Andi (moderator), Ben (note-taker), Lacey, Azaria, Barbara, Dave, Tammy, and Scott

-New Key-holding Members 

-Organize storefront space for artist’s work & crafts – discuss concept of artists and individuals displaying items in exchange for $25/month memberships.


-Library Committee
–Progress on the shelving?

-501c3 Update

-Property Committee
–Categorize CR property/items

-Dealing with online trolls

-Business Sponsor Form 

New Keyholding Members: At last meeting, discussion was had to suggest more people receive keys to get into the building. Dave, Lauren, and Barb approved for being keyholders by consensus. 

Organize storefront space for artists’ work and crafts – discuss concept of artists and individuals displaying items in exchange for $25/month memberships: Idea of person or people who will organize physical items the space discussed; Decorating Committee members volunteered to be on committee; contribution of art to space will be in lieu of $25/month membership—issues with this policy discussed; while space is open, cash box should be open when sales are being transacted; at future meeting, cash box and receipt system to be discussed; Open hours to be covered by keyholders discussed; Are individuals holding open hours responsible for things like stolen items, incidents of harassment, safety of property/persons, etc.?

Liberty First (Treasury): Dual-signership on bank account is not offered; LF has ACH transfer system coming soon; We should ask whether ACH is a one-time or a recurring transfer? 

Library Committee/progress on shelving: Shelving and other items purchased from EcoStores; $53.50 approved for purchases. Library Committee to categorize books—Feminism/Gender Identity/Sexuality, Global Politics and Activism, DIY/Crafts and Arts, Philosophy/Religion, Science, Economics, Race/Ethnic Studies/Culture, Sociology, Literature/Poetry, Biographies etc. 

501(c)3: Articles of Incorporation no longer holding up process of application for 501(c) 3; Articles not due until 2015; Expected movement on 501(c)3 to proceed.

***Couch: Discussion of whether to keep couch in CR property; Azaria opposed keeping it, but Dave had suggested a space like ours have furniture like the couch; Andi made counterpoint that couch makes space comfortable and homey; issue to be tabled for future meetings.
Property Committee/categorize CR property/items: members are free to rearrange things they don’t think are in the right places down the line; tomorrow, some members will be moving stuff from EcoStores into space. Azaria offered to bring in a trash can.

Dealing with online trolls: specific individual continues to troll CR sites to suggest that proceeds we raise from OUR events be given to other individuals/groups; do we ban her from posting on all CR Facebook pages?; disruptive or nonsensical postings should be erased, and an explanation of why the post was removed should be sent to the poster; admins should delete inappropriate posts. Dave suggested documenting deletion of inappropriate posts on other pages; Discussion on ideas on how to block disruptive posters.

Internet for CR Space: CenturyLink suggested as a cheap Internet source ($29.99/month for 36 months?); maybe share Internet with other people in building?; establish Firewall for security sake and keep accounts separate. Tammy offers to speak with other businesses in the building about sharing internet services/costs.

Business sponsor forms: Somewhat same as individual membership, but for business sponsors with “rewards” for different levels of sponsorship; discussion about suggestions for acknowledgment of sponsors for their contributions; discussion of whether business sponsorship is a form of commodification vs. individual memberships. We are not moving forward on pursuing business sponsorships at this time.

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