Meeting Minutes 4/3/13


PRESENT: Andrew Losh, Lacey Losh, Benjamin Steinke, Azaria Wallick, Shaina Ellison, William Matchett, Andrew Ivanhoe, Toby Bartels (8).


Keys and Locks: Andrew prop. give key to Ben for house?  Vote majority!  Andrew has extra key just in case.

Treasury: Black Hills wants service tech. to do meter exchange.  Pilot light/heater to be turned back on.  Ivanhoe to call BH.  Currently at $519.56.

Donations: $30 for Lacey’s flier design project!!!

New Computer: Running updates, but ready to go!!!  Same login/password.  Have a guest account on desktop?—OK.

Website: Pdf files of calendars!  Rainbow border! Beautiful!

Occupy: Monday, April 8th there is an Occupy GA at Meadowlark at 7:30 PM.

Screenprinting & buttons/patches: William to price the screen, glue, squeejee, etc.  Lacey proposing more buttons for Earth Day, how many to order?  Lacey has button display of different designs and sizes.  Pricing: $.25/piece to make, $1.00/piece to sell at Earth Day (prices are suggested donations). Discussed purchasing a certain number of each kind of button, depending on popularity (?).  Produce more Common Root buttons?

Earth Day: Event calendar on banner?  Grommets on corners, logo, about statement, May Day announcement, etc. (banner to be blown up bigger?).  Trying to get table(s) near Bike Kitchen.  Who will be at the booth?  At least 2-3 people rotating with sitting at booth?

Bike Kitchen: Still interested in using our space for setting up their operation?  Using shed for supplies?  Andrew may look into liability for Bike Kitchen.  Received $2,000 check from Zipline Brewery!!

Fundraising: Andrew called Pepe (Pepe’s Kitchen) for event there in mid-to-late May? (Maybe Sunday, May 19th?)  Pepe suggested that people bring produce?  For “potluck”-type thing? Silent auction? Solicit donations from people on listserv and artist community?  Hand out leaflets for this at May Day event?  Also talk about projects with people while they eat?  Have local bands and artists?  Announce on for artists/musicians—feed them for free!!?  Create fundraising album with original songs/poetry?

Calendar: Sign-off on April 2013 calendar events.  Lacey to get May calendar started.

Ivanhoe: Introduced himself!!!!!  Welcome to Common Root House!!!  Interested in activism, movies, got degree in Economics, Masters in Library Science.  Half-Canadian from Seattle, WA.

Promotion: Brainstorm ideas for promoting Common Root.  Perhaps promote on listserv?

Listserv: Lacey to write down ideas and promote her business on listserv?  William to offer handyman services on listserv?  Ivanhoe to offer to teach Esperanto, too?  Shaina to do computer repair/IT? Ben to do gardening work? Lacey/Shaina to do website design? William to do book-binding?  All services for partial Common Root donations?  Write checks for services to Common Root as donations.

“About” Statement: Edited punctuation and content

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