Meeting Minutes 4/27/17

In attendance: Erica (co-moderator), Lacey (note taker), Bob, Larry, Andira (moderator), Heather, Mike, Sari & Marci

G2LD – opting not to have a booth this year. Lacey goes over G2LD Common Root giving site, we’re taking donations May 1-18. Percent charge dropped from 5.9% to 2.9% still 30 cents per transaction. This year LCF is working with UNL and Firespring for a new giving platform that keeps it local and more money is received by the participating nonprofits! Also, offline donations and donations prior to May 18 count on the leader board this year.

G2LD Nonprofit Film School – LCF put on this training for G2LD – video social media gets more donations and clicks. Sari listed her 5 key takeaways (files for this are on our google drive folder):
1. Effective messaging strategy, have one big idea, once you have that figured out, create one call to action (such as giving on G2LD)
2. Finding a story to tell
3. Approach volunteers to tell their story, mock interview, don’t take notes but record the interview, be aware of emotional touch points
4. Ask the same question three times, in interviews (1st answer is the one they’re most comfortable with, 2nd time it becomes more emotional, 3rd time they can get a sense of closure/hope)
5. Smart phones can be used, hold camera steady, horizontally, arms close together for stability and get close up to the person you’re talking to. Grid lines UP! Line up person’s eyes in one of the top two corners.
Heather, Andira & Sari are interested in possibly creating a video or slideshow.

Key Holder Thing – How long should we wait to make contact with key holders when we haven’t heard from. Folks suggest waiting a year and possibly have a eval form.It is suggested to have expectations setup before having folks fill out an evaluation, if we decide to have organizers fill our an annual evaluation. If something bad happens, we could offer support and help people out. Take disengagement on a case-by-case basis. This discussion is tabled for now.
Similar topic, check insurance on for workout related gatherings and general use of space outside meetings and events. 

NE Book Festival – UNP organizers say 21st Street will be closed, it will happen between P & Q streets, Assurity garage will be open again for parking. We still have feelers out to Equality Press & local LFLs. Perhaps reach out to zine makers, the Commons, 

Could we offer 50 free buttons to UNP for the Nebraska Book Festival. Voted and approved. Would like three weeks lead time.

Red Cross at FFP – Mike hasn’t gotten a hold of Nathan, but Lacey spoke with Loren tonight and American Red Cross will be at FFP with medical volunteers. They would like to do a volunteer trade, rather than charging for their services. They would like a volunteer or two from Common Root to go in and train for 1.5-2 hours for CPR certification. CR volunteers would then hold their own basic CPR training (like a skillshare), but these trainings would not certify attendees, just help people with basic CPR skills for emergencies. Mike, Sari & Andira are interested in CPR certification (Andira needs to renew hers).

Key chain order – price breakdown in listed in the organizing group and Bob reads the cost divisions. We discuss ordering new keychains. One more order approved for 100 keychains, same style that we already have.

**Start making buttons ahead next year for Lincoln Unites / Earth Day! Don’t wait until February.**

Possible intern help, Chelsea is interested in advocacy and policy for 300 hours before December. Andira would be the point of contact for an intern. Andira presents her intern work responsibilities, Look Sharp, Social Media, Videos, FFP, Grant Writing, fundraising, etc. Everyone votes in approval of having an intern and there is opportunity to add to / discuss other responsibilities. Lacey & Andira will meet Chelsea tomorrow to discuss her internship.

Color calendar pickup for the summer months at Goldenrod Printing – Mike & Heather volunteer to pick up color flyers June – September. Erica is backup. Lacey will coordinate with our contact at Goldenrod and order prints.

Neighbor signs – Folks would like to ask Patrice to point us to the website / source for this information. Also let her know we haven’t sold any yet. Lacey will provide the web link to the CR organizers when she gives to us to share in the organizing group. We voted with consensus to donate a portion of proceeds from any sign sales to Appleseed or LFS (the nonprofits Patrice named in her message).

Resident Resource Fair – May 6th – Lincoln Repair Cafe will be there, Larry is volunteering at that booth – Bob volunteers for the CR booth. Booth is free. We have the contact person’s card, he wants to meet with someone in Common Root to coordinate. Do we have enough volunteers? Marci will check her availability – lets check with Chelsea, too? Possible help at booth as internship hours.

May Day, 3-7 PM, at a Peter Pan Park (details will be posted to the organizing group) – IWW will be in attendance.

Lincoln Earth day booth: Accounting for our booth fee (which was $35) we made $164.07!
Robie made his booth debut & took in $4.07.

Items for May 11 meeting agenda:
Intern update – 10 m Andira
FFP Vendor Apps – 15 m – Lacey
GAME Plan FFP – 10 – Sari & Lacey
Video – 10 – Andira
Book Festival – 5 – Bob & Erica
Pass around June cal – 2 – Lacey

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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