Meeting Minutes 4/24/14

Attendance: Amanda, Azaria (moderator), Barbara, Lacey, Andi, Jai, Mary Beth, Abbie, Josslyn (note-taker), Jeanette

ISP: Dave will provide information regarding costs in future meetings.
Locker: To prevent theft, locker may be anchored to the wall. Also, unit will provide increased much need storage. 

Grand Opening/Pot Luck: BYO-Dinnerware and provide some for those who do not arrive with said dinnerware (Andi and Lacey will provide.) ISO/Kinetic/IWW may be able to attend, space will be made to allow for presentation of history of May Day and discussion (posted facts on May Day) including CR goals and missions. One folding table, which belong to CR is available (another can possibly be borrowed.) Notice of handicap inaccessibility, as a second floor suite. 

Food at GO/PL Event: Some coordination to offer provide a diversity of selections and marking of vegan dishes (tags to label meat, know allergens?) Alcohol will be allowed at this event. General details will be sent out to via press release to various media throughout the metro area, as well as, flier and through social media. Beverages will be provided including water, possibly tea and coffee. Next meeting, review potluck dish options among those bringing dishes. 

Missing Name Buttons: If found, please return to space.

Recycle bins: Toby may have obtained bin, unit will not be available otherwise. Another bin maybe available to provide for sorting/storage. Labeling bins already available with designated recycling (ex. glass, plastic, paper…)

Common Root Store: Display guidelines for store and disclaimer approved.

Finalize May Calendar: Open hours discussed, as well as, additional activities to be added to calendar (artists events, beginning music theory, computer classes…) Barbara and Amanda will have Monday Art Night/Reading Music Theory Class on May 12th at 6:30 to 8. 

501(c)3: Next meeting May 5th 

Repair Cafe: Community space available to help mend/repair clothing through equipment/notions sharing and/or learning to complete such tasks on their own. 1st evening on Thursday evenings.
Treasury Update: No additional information available since last meeting.

Insurance: Toby will provide update at next meeting.

501(c)3: Doing well!

Common Root Admin