Meeting Minutes 4/24/13

In attendance: Andrew, Ben (Moderator), Ivanhoe, Lacey (note-taker), Shaina, Toby & William.

Treasury: We received $87.41 in donations from Earth Day! Ivanhoe paid for rent and then some.$624.11

Zine: Shaina wants 2 color zines, it will cost $4. We have 10 zine copies at the house.

Next Meeting: Andrew and Lacey will be outta town. Offered a ride to others for a May Day potluck in Omaha.

Garden: Link isn’t here tonight  but she’s shown an interest in tending the garden. Lacey and Ivanhoe would be interested in helping to plant food or help with other garden tending. Lacey will talk with Link and see how she’d like to move forward.

Prairie Wood: William asked them about doing strawbale construction. Strawbales may be running $3-$5 a piece and we may need about 4800. Locating the right kind of straw is important- or you could work with cement stucco or you can do it with mud/clay. 4 months/year could be dedicated to building one section of the wall. Building a water reclaimation unit that wouldn’t breed mosquitos or waste water.

Andrew suggests people going out to help on a more and William suggests doing it for shorter bursts or people going up for long weekends. Getting more interest for this project would help. Ivanhoe suggests a kick-starter and offering people a ride out there in exchange for their donations.

Fundraisers: Martin has been helping us out with generous donations and we did pretty well at Earth Day so we aren’t in despirate need of a fundraiser at the moment. Lacey suggests doing Streets Alive event in September, if the booth is affordable. It’s a similar event to Earth Day.

Extra-Keys Upstairs: Extra keys for upstairs rooms will be in the locked cabinet in the kitchen.

Button Press: Bob & Donna DiPaolo offer to go in $100 on purchasing a button press. We can look into different types, they range in price from $30 to around $1000. Ivanhoe has a friend who makes buttons he’s checking with for a price quote. Maybe they can do the Bike Kitchen buttons that Tyler couldn’t create.

Benton Apartment: William gave us an update.

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