Meeting Minutes 4/23/15

In attendance: Amanda (co-moderator), Amy, Andira (note taker), Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Chelsea, Garren, Julia & Lacey (moderator)

– Yoga event (5 minutes)
Julia is certified (back from Costarica) in a gentle all-ages yoga, wants to teach yoga
Azaria is willing to hold open space, we could use Woods Park
6:30 or 7:00

– Finalize May Calendar (5 minutes)
These will print on 4/24
Additions include Game Night (Barbara will host 6:30-9:30, 22nd) and Repair Cafe during Open Hours, May 3rd as well as three Gentle Yoga Sessions (6:30-7:30 PM on Fridays – May 8, 15 and 29)

– August Art Show (5 minutes)
Gomez art supply is promoting us on their website

– Fundraiser ideas (15 minutes)
–We don’t want to do too many
–We want new audiences
–We have new ones giong on Give to Lincoln Day, FFP, Art Calendar Sales
–Amanda suggests street musicians to walk around and take donations
–Amanda has more art cards from her mother
—Maybe a display of art cards during other fundraisers, perhaps in a booklet
—Make the sale items more prominent during our August art show

– Recap – Lincoln Earth Day (10 minutes)
We made $63
–Barbara talked about who she spoke with and will draft her notes
–We have a zero waste tent option for FFP, and we are not sure about the cost

– Break at 8:15 PM

– Social Media Outreach (15 minutes)
–We want a list of committee needs
–Chelsea does Instagram and wants to do PickPlayPost
—We want to do YouTube
—Regular weekly uploads
—We want a recording committee grant
—Involve Arts and Humanities students
—Azaria has a flip camera
—Lacey has iMovie
—Amanda is interested in making music
—-Theme song for YouTube channel?

– Coordination Chart (10 minutes)
–Hold a social media committee meeting on the 7th (8:20-9PM)
–we might have meetings on second half of regular Thursday meetings
–Perhaps a flier distribution meeting, a group chat?
—Lacey will start a group chat and announce on the Collaborative
—Start new group chats for flyer distribution each month

– Streets Alive! Event (5 minutes)
Sun. Sept 20th – 1-5 PM – Free – shall we have a booth again?
–YES! Lacey will sign us up

-We are making I’llGoWithYou buttons (5 minutes)
-Andira brought new items to the space that were approved and she was reimbursed $7

– Setting next week’s FFP/BORING Agenda (5 minutes)
(what we have for next week’s agenda so far)

Entertainment lineup (time?)
Star City Pride & Pride in the Park (10 minutes)
Heartland Pride (5 minutes)

-$40 parrot-sitting from Jacque
– $75 – 3 months dues payments from Deanna
-$5 – Azaria’s sales of sugar scrub
– $63 from Lincoln Earth Day – $30 in the Credit Union and $33 extra in the cash box
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin