Meeting Minutes 4/18/19

Present: Lacey (Moderator), Emily, Bob (Notes), Mikaela (Co-Moderator), Andira, Scott, Tammy, Larry, Chris, Kim, Cam.

Lacey opened by reading the meeting rules and spoke afterwards about how we had gotten slack in reading them in the recent past due to the same few members coming to meetings, who were already well versed in what they said. Reading the meeting rules will happen more frequently at future meetings.

T-Shirt Price – Andira – Assuming the t-shirt will cost CR $4.50 to $7.50 ea. It was voted (passed with Quorum) that CR would sell them for $10 ea.
Andira & Kim volunteered to oversee all the aspects of the t-shirt project.

Volunteer T-Shirt Giveaway – Lacey – Various means of doing CR volunteer work were discussed, like becoming a Keyholder or volunteering to work a booth in order to get a free CR t-shirt.
Volunteering for a minimum of 4 hours to help at booths gets a free t-shirt voted on and passed (Quorum).

Making Bee Houses – Emily – Emily spoke about the importance of solitary native bees. Suitable bee habitats can be made from found and recycled items, like glass jars and rolled up paper to make tubes. Emily is looking to facilitate a bee house making skillshare as early as June and possibly on a weeknight. Lacey will host the event when a suitable date can be worked out.

Cooper Park – Larry – June 1st at probably 4pm (and running several hours) is the date for a community resource fair at Cooper Park. Larry will inquire if CR could sell merchandise at this event.

Flood Relief – Tammy spoke about the devastation to Nebraskans from the March flooding and asked if CR could donate funds for relief efforts. Tammy previously worked at FEMA and witnessed at that time how hard it was to qualify for and receive FEMA assistance. Possible donation recipients were brought up like The Dandelion network and The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.
Voted and passed (Quorum) to donate $350 of CR funds to flood relief.
Charities to be determined based on their nonprofit status.

Vegan Potluck – Mikaela – Mikaela woukld like to facilitate a a plant-based potluck event at the space possibly in May, and probably on a Sunday evening, and as early as 5pm. Mikaela needs a Keyholder host for this event.

Calendar – Lacey – Lacey asked for verbal edits to the May Calendar. Andira will host an event called ‘White Supremacy and Me’ on Wednesday, May 8th, from 6-7:30pm.

Action Items – Andira – Andira wondered if we could still put on a Fall For Pride Festival in 2019. 3 new volunteers who were to come to CR Meetings to discuss helping with this particular event were not present. CR typically begins prep, and has the basic volunteers in place, to put on a Fall For Pride festival by mid to late January.

Agenda Items moved to the next CR Meeting on May 9th at 7:30 to 9pm.
–Hats – Marzipan – 5 minutes
–Housing Program/LGBTQA Fostering – Marzipan -10 minutes
–Flood relief donation – Tammy – 5 minutes

VOTING QUORUM – 1 Board Member, 1 Keyholder, 1 member of the CR fb organizational group, 1 Other attendee.

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