Meeting Minutes 4/18/12

# LUNk minutes
* In attendance: Andrew, Ashley G, Brian (moderator), Jai, Lacey, Toby (note-taker), William
* Start: 7:15 pm
* End: 9:20 pm

1.  Status update:

Andrew’s name in on gas and Internet.  Toby’s is on electricity, according to Jackson.  Toby is not yet on the lease, still needs to contact the landlord.  Andrew took an introductory deal for a year.

Brian will bring a sublease for Ashley next week.

Kurt is moving out, but Ashley has a friend who might be interested.

Tati turned in her house key, which goes to Ashley.

Jackson, Tati, and Ashley M have removed their items from the library.  Brian marked his donations but left them.  Most of the treasury has been turned over, but there is a slight discrepancy.

2.  Trash & recycling

We will decide each meeting who takes the refuse away.  We may rotate or pick names out of a hat.

3.  Gutters

Jai will do the gutters, while dressed.

4.  Printer cartridge

The printer might be broken, but we’ll spring $20 for another cartridge anyway.  If that still doesn’t work, then we’ll blame the printer.  We need to make the printer default to black and white.

Should we have people record their usage and suggest a donation for large jobs?

5.  Earth Day

It’s Sunday 12 to 17 at Antelope Park.  LUNk has a booth, but we probably aren’t allowed to sell shirts.  Andrew needs help setting up.

We’re mostly out of buttons.  Andrew will spend up to $40 on more buttons.

We need May Day flyers for Earth Day.  We’ll get 200 more.  Also 300 calendars.

We may need to bring our own table.  It’ll be hot too.  Andrew has an umbrella stand.  Ice and water would be nice.  Hats and sunblock.

Lacey will get a sign-up sheet with phone and email, with a clipboard from the house.

We may bring something fun for kids.

6.  May Day

Hank wants to speak in front of a bank.  Andrew needs to contact more people.

William and Andrew can speak.  Toby needs to ask Jackson again.

Jai will arrange a pizza.  He’ll bake it if he can make, else he’ll leave the fixings.

Everybody likes Toby’s map.

7.  Brainstorming

Change the name (Brian), everybody list interests and commitments and goals (Jai), community newsletter with our calendar (Andrew), invite other groups to use our space (William), learn from other collectives (William), Nebraska Solidarity Center (Brian), outside groups being given a key for the day (Brian), ‘Haven’ (Jai), ‘common-unity’ (William).

Ashley and Toby don’t have ideas.

We all bring ideas on Wednesday.

8.  Transmitter

We agree that LUNk Radio can keep a transmitter here, as Brian suggested.  The radio needs repeaters, and AJT haven’t explicitly claimed it.

9.  Calendar

Lacey needs to do this tomorrow, since she’s leaving on Friday.

Collective meetings, LSH, ARAN, game night as usual.

If we need to use 8½” by 11″ paper, we can for the same price.  We may not really need it this month, but we’ll do it anyway as a test.  We could also list individual dates on a quarter sheet.

Poetry night is May 13.

Mystery movie night on May 20.  We can use Ashley’s TV for movie night if we don’t have a projector.

Community discussion about the Occupy movement on May 5 at 4:30 pm.

Community gardening party on May 6 at 1:00 pm.

May 12 discussion on Rainbow Family gatherings at 5:00 pm.

Group meditation on May 13 at 1:00 pm.

Free-form yoga on May 27 at 1:00 pm.

10. June events

Sex-positive event?

More poetry ideas?

Common Root Admin