Meeting Minutes 4/17/14

In Attendence: Andi, Alicia, Azaria, Barbara (moderator), Dave (note taker), Josslyn, Lacey, Mary Beth, Tammy, Toby

* Lincoln Lit. garage sale – update

They changed it to 29th.

* Treasury Update

** $2091.70 + $50 donation in mail + $40 for buttons is $2181.7
** Upcoming expenses: 501.3c, rent, internet, etc leaves us with enough to pay rent for three months.
** Totals from Bake Sale $374 and Lincoln Earth Day

* Space Share – update
** Go players, of the Lincoln Go Club.
Joe said that cost might be too high. The Go players will discuss it and get back to us.

* Donation of drums – update
Bernie doesn’t want to sell them to the kids music thing, he wants to use them for drum circles.

* Email list is updated

** Items to include in the next list serve email

*** Free Saturday invite

*** Grand Opening potluck

*** Crafting Skill Share

* Grand Opening Potluck / May Day theme

** Who can attend/who’d like to host?

*** Barbara
** Planning meeting
Let’s make the big agenda item for next meeting be this.

* Streets Alive!
** Sunday, Sept 14th 1-5 PM
** Near where it was last year, Near South to the Capitol building

** It’s free.
** You have to have an activity to have a booth.
** Who will be there?
*** Lincoln Bike Kitchen
*** Us
Last year we did button making activity and it rocked.
*** Others?

* Star City Pride
** $80 per table
** We’re not going to get a table.
** We’ll go hand out flyers

* Organizing the store front

** Requesting handmade items to sell $25/month members

*** Workout details on how we’ll do change & receipts

**** Toby will create a petty cash box.
**** We have receipt paper.
**** And all keyholders have cash register experience.
**** We always need to be sure to write down which artist brought the sold item.
*** Discussion of where to put stuff and hang stuff.
Items placed near where they will be hung.
*** Who is bringing stuff for sale?
** Bulletin board on the door
It shall come to pass.
** Signage

If you want to sell something, you need to tag it. Even if it is buttons, you gotta put them in a bucket and put the sign on the bucket, or something.

* Alarm instructions sheet

Was passed around and edits suggested.

* Keys

They have been delivered to key holders.

* Items people are taking (could we clear them out this week?)

Discussion was had.

* May calendar
People annotated some events, indicating that they will host them or whatnot.

* Locker
Andi will add tall legs.

* Insurance
** Toby called State Farm or someone. We need to estimate the value of our stuff and call them back.
** Toby will also ask the Credit Union about insurance.


Toby Bartels

That’s $364 from the bake sale, not $374. (This is just a typo, the total that came before it included $364.)

But Azaria’s counting was correct, so it’s actually $368, bringing the total to $2185.70.

But I double-counted the 18¢ from the robot, so it’s $2185.52.

This has no effect on the amount of projected expenses that we can pay for already.

Common Root Admin