Meeting Minutes 4/17/13

Moderator: Andrew
Notetaker: Ivanhoe
Howard was approved for month-to-month rent…House is full!

-Printing: Lacey showed newly designed material.

-May Day: Black Cat House offering space for a speech on any topic. They’re space is not open to the public yet so people may be persuaded to join the Collective Networking Potluck afterward.

-Civilitics: Teach-in scheduled for May 10th, Andrew will co-present. Civilitics.orgprovides philosophical background.

-Treasury: Reports $444.75, Andrew needs to be paid for the cable bill which comes on the 18th.
Paypal account has been created to take donations. People can now send money to

-Listserv: Announce zines, go to Earth Day, new service added to list (Audio Recording)

-Fundraising: continue to list services, Possibly an art auction?

-Lacey celebrated her first anniversary of actively helping Common Root!


Toby Bartels

Ashley M says that the replacement speech should be about intersectionality.  See discussion at

Common Root Admin