Meeting Minutes 4/13/17

In attendance: Heather (moderator), Mike, Sari, Erica, Larry, Azaria (co-moderator), Kelly, Andira, Bob & Lacey (note-taker) & Shondi

Mini do – create last few ConStellation buttons & CR buttons for Lincoln Earth Day/Lincoln Unites

Treasury Report – $3956.00 (rough treasury)

Fall For Pride (vendors) – Vote for 2017 booth prices
It’s suggested that partial booth sponsorships are offered for folks who might need assistance. Suggested donation? Raise prices to cover the $20 vendor selling items fee. 

Allow vendors to become sponsors – on the vendor application form

2017 FFP Booth Prices – voted and approved with consensus:
Nonprofit/Org (informational) – $20
Artist/Individual – $20
Nonprofit/Org (selling items) – $32
Business/Food Vendor – $45

Indoor booth + $12

Fall For Pride (funding) – Sari & Lacey discuss the funding for FFP. Encouraging folks 1. to sponsor, 2. to be a booth vendor 3. to offer raffle prizes (if we decide to do traditional raffle…it’s also been suggested that we try a 50/50 raffle).
Banner to encourage folks to visit inside booths? Possible sponsorship trade for banner in exchange for sponsorship level value.

Passport idea of sponsors being featured on the event programs. Get all sponsor booths stamped/signed off on by visiting each and turn it in for a prize (free raffle ticket?)

Mike will donate/sponsor the first $100 of artist tables!

Vote for you fave vendors – in participant surveys – have prize offered for table voted best (rainbow trophy, plaque, 100 free buttons, LGBT History Dinner tickets are some prize ideas) – encourages interaction and activities from participating vendors/resources.

Sari shares the google doc she created where folks who’ve volunteered to help contact vendors for FFP. Lacey will provide wording for correspondence to share with all volunteers.


NE Book Festival – July 15, 9 am – 6 pm, Union Plaza, UNP is making it a bigger event this year and organizing it. They’ll have booth vendors all day, children’s events, puppets, outdoor booths, no tables provided, we can bring the canopy, social media advertising. Our contact is having a big meeting next week, so we might get more info later.

We could potentially split the day with Lincoln’s and Omaha’s Little Free Library Stewards. Water bottles could be sold. $20 cost. We could sell things. Need to reserve by May 1.

Free Workshops – Folks discuss ideas for workshops we could hold here, or field trips like our Wild Edibles Walks, (Dustin, Adam & Alex were mentioned as potential contacts for these). Also discussed vegan potlucks, 5 questions/wishes (living will skillshare) Sari has contact with an org. that offers those for free. She can hook us up! Larry also has several available, Alzheimer’s Assn is also in partnership with a caregivers organization is that’s of interest.

Look Sharp – Andira has had a couple meetings – potential leader of self defense workshop on staying safe, confident. She also talked with a martial artist who is interested in facilitating skillshares. She’s looking at utilizing Big Top as a location for martial arts skillshares. Not sure on pricing to rent that space.

Fb organizer roles – over 2/3 majority approval to remove inactive members from all online roles after 3 months of inactivity.

Azaria volunteers to contact inactive keyholders.

Andira nominates Heather as a Board Member! She is approved with consensus!

Agenda for 4/27 Meeting:
-G2LD (10m Lacey)
-Key Holder followup (15m Lacey)
-Book Fest Followup (5m Erica)
-Red Cross (5m Mike)
Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin