Meeting Minutes 4/12/18

Present: Jon (Moderator), Erica (Co-Moderator), Bob (Note Taker), Larry, Sari, Mike Bo., Weston, Andira, Scott, Tammy, Ashley, Lacey (via phone)

—Finance Report – Andira – Moved to 5/26/18 meeting

—New Spaces – Knock Down Drag Out Fight – 27th & O vs. 211 N. 14th – Bob & all – The 27th & O Street space has been scratched as a potential new CR space. Numerous problems with the current landlord of that property, by way of increased rent and common space rent, and the landlord not abiding by ter,ms of the lease, were brought to CR’s attention. Positives and negatives of moving to The Nonprofit Hub/Foundry at 211 N. 14th were discussed. The next CR meeting date of 5/26/18 will have a vote for moving there or not. No other potential sites were brought up.

—Vote on stuff. Does it stay or does it go? – All – Numerous items selected by committee were voted on as to remain at the space, take to Free Saturday for disposal, dispose of in another manner via recycling or trash. Books in library can be looked through for downsizing. Telephone books, duplicate books, and outdated books like software manuals were voted to be recycled at this meeting.

NEXT CR MEETING: 5-26-18 from 7:30 – 9pm

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