Meeting Minutes 4/11/12

LUNk Meeting Minutes – 4/11/2012

In attendance: Andrew (later notes), Toby (moderator), Ashley, Ashely M., Brian (notes at first), Tesla, Joslyn, Jai, Steve, Janine, Monte, William (late).

Brian has stated that he will be stepping back as a core member but will still bbe involved to some extent.

1. Projector – Tabled. LUNk can use through May.

2. Lease – Toby is willing to take over, will contact Ray to discuss this. Jackson will cut rent check for May.

3. Bills – LES (Jackson), BHE (Brian), TWC (Brian). Toby will take Jackson’s and Andrew will take Brian’s.

4. Calendar – Ashley will do the May calendar during the transition, the LUNk Collective core members will figure it out and take it over for June.

5. Keys – Jackson, Tati and Ashley will be turning in keys. Ashley will return her key after FDG. Brian will return his (if requested) after Vegan Potluck.

6. Affiliated groups – decisions will be made at group meetings. Brian is willing to continue LSH Social Night as long as there is another person willing to host every other month. (Toby can probably do that.)

7. Property – books will be divied up at 6 PM next Wed.; the LUNk Collective has decided to gift Ashley, Tati and Jackson half of the treasury for the start-up of their project – passed with over 2/3rds majority and with one in opposition (Andrew).

8. Radio stuff – Jackson will take and maintain all the resources related to LUNk Radio, with the stipulation that the LUNk Collective and the rest of the radical community will still have access to use them; with the intention of setting it up in the new radical community space passed with 2/3 majority + one opposition (Andrew).

9. May Day – Toby will fill out the forms, we all trust em. William will tell Toby what Occupy (or Nicole) recommends. Toby will also check with Brian for advice. Tesla suggests no permits. Tabled.

10. Earth Day – Andrew is basically doing this. Toby will help, but more people should agree to help.

11. Calendar – Lacey will take it over again. Contact Ashley about May calendar, definitely doing the June calendar. Tabled.

12. Treasurer – Toby is the interim treasurer. Tabled.

13. Meeting date – Tabled.

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