Meeting Minutes 4/10/14

In attendance: Abbie, Andi, Azaria, Ben, Carrie, Dave, Jeanette, Josslyn, Lacey (moderator until the end), Mary Beth, Scott, Tammy, Toby (note-taker, following Andi’s outline)

Final details – Bake Sale
-We will have a ton of baked goods.
-Adam will bring an extra table.
-Give Azaria a hand!

Final details – Earth Day booth
-Making volunteer buttons, Azaria is sporting one now!
-Tammy cannot be there, but Ben can, so it’s OK.
-Canopy is OK, especially since sharing space, as long as it doesn’t stake.

Free Saturday – May – Lincoln Lit. invitation
-Lincoln lit garage sale is the same time.
-We can’t really share, but we can promote it in April.

Donation of drums?
-Bernie offered a drum, one traditionally for belly-dancing.
-Andi wants pictures; Lacey will ask.
-Itty Bitty Musik could use them.

-The contact form now redirects to Lacey instead of to Toby.
-But there’s some thing from Charles about a play that nobody ever got.

501(c)(3) update
-Deadline is not until the end of the year; we’ll try to make June.
-Less rushed than we thought, so meeting only every other week.

Library Committee Update
-Only 2 or 3 boxes left to sort.
-Some shelves are smaller than anticipated, so may reorganize more.
-Sign over the doorway, possibly “Learn freely and empower yourself”.

“All Are Welcome” Painting
-We found one online that we want to copy.
-We can put it on the canvas from Ivanhoe.

Open hours
-Dave will be ready before May.
-Dave wants a fixed time every day but cannot do that all himself.
-Dave picks 5:30p-7:30p Tuesdays.
-Computer classes will be available then too.

Alcohol policy
-Bernie is worried about this.
-Incoming policy leaves management up to event hosts, consistent with being legal; it hasn’t been a problem yet.
-We’ll see if insurance says anything about it.
-Speaking of which …

-Toby is getting some.

Beehive Design Collective is coming to town Sept 21-24
-Their Midwest tour skipped Nebraska, but Tyler is coming this fall.
-Wants hosting from us, Black Cat House, Nick Svoboda, and/or Sustain UNL.
-Nobody else has replied yet.

-We’d probably have to be getting $1000 a month if we anticipate buying our own place.
-501(c)(3) status would help.
-We could have a specific funding campaign, with a thermometer and everything; we’d need to know our funding goal.

Space Share
-The Lincoln Go Club wants to share space.
-They currently meet at Cultiva from 1p to 6p; they’d like to have that space with us, not necessarily exclusively.
-From $100-$150 per month would mean that memberships pay the balance of our rent.
-Joseph from the club comes to our events, so they’re not all strangers, but he won’t be there every time.
-Dave suggests first time is free and we have a keyholder with them to see how it works.

-Somebody who used to be persona non grata showed up for the 501(c)(3) meeting on Monday; it was uncomfortable, although he didn’t aggress, and fortunately he’s not here now.
-Andi has a list of 7 people who probably should never come here.
-Andi wants guidelines for hosts to handle disruptive people rather than focus on this one person.
-Azaria suggests a safety phrase to warn of problems among the regulars.
-Dave suggests training for such situations, like bouncers get. Maybe conflict resolution, self-defence, and/or assertiveness.
-Ben likes the broken-record method. “No, you need to leave now. No, you need to leave now. No, you need to leave now. …” (with eye contact). End with a downward pitch, not upward; “Now.”, not “Now?”. And no apology.

Treasury Update
-Andi is owed money for keys.
-Azaria will take the cash box and maybe some change for the bake sale.
-The total now is $1606.16, of which $400 is for 501(c)(3), $450 for May rent, $450 for June rent, etc.

Chair storage
-Andi made a nice thing and we like it.
-It’ll be made nicer soon.

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